SynKit – Integrate MYOB Exo with Shopify

Manage your e-commerce platform more effectively by linking MYOB Exo and Shopify via SynKit

SynKit is an integration tool, developed by Kilimanjaro Consulting. It brings together your favourite apps and software and synchronises the data with MYOB Exo. It can be made to connect to virtually any system through its Application Programming Interface (API). However, integrations are already in place for SynKit to work with some of the more popular standalone applications – like Shopify.


Shopify is an affordable and customisable e-commerce solution that can also handle everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkouts and shipping. Along with its in-depth website customisation tools, Shopify is also powerful enough to have significant back-office impact:

  • Displays automatic shipping rates, based on your chosen carrier
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) functionality is built in, allowing your business to stand out from the pack
  • Social media integration to maintain easy contact with your customers
  • Track stock counts, and manage inventory with the built-in dashboards
  • Strong analytics suite to gain insight into your customers’ buying behaviour
  • Mobile app and anytime access so that you can always be connected to your 24/7 store


Once Shopify and MYOB Exo have been properly integrated via SynKit, data will be seamlessly sent through to your back-office ERP system. This creates the transaction within MYOB Exo, matches the payment from your bank and allocates the sale automatically. Exo then takes over and automatically creates a picking order for the warehouse and emails the customer with shipping details. Data from Exo back to Shopify keeps the stock levels up to date so there is no manual work involved with day to day sales.

Benefits of integration MYOB Exo with Shopify:

  • Seamless transition of data between your systems
  • Vast reduction in manual data entry
  • Higher deliverable standard of customer service
  • Accurate data delivered in real time allows you to make better business decisions

Shopify is cloud based, so you can access all of its potential functionality from wherever you have internet access. SynKit can pull this data and information directly from Shopify and push it through to MYOB Exo, allowing seamless integration. This allows accurate and up to date information to flow both ways, minimising manual data entry. To take advantage of your system’s full potential, applications must be able to talk to one another to maintain a single source of truth and a unified platform of data.

To learn more about our integration, contact our support team at or call 1300 857 464 (AU) and  0800 436 774 (NZ).


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