MYOB Exo Management Reporting

Use Exo's robust management dashboard to easily access your data

MYOB Exo Finance is designed to improve visibility on how your business is performing. With a powerful management dashboard, each user can select from a range of out-of-the-box graphical reports to monitor their specific area of the business. With drill-down capabilities, you have the ability to quickly navigate to the area of the product to get more details or to take action. Analysis tools built into the product allow you to easily monitor stock performance, track sales against budget or produce detailed sales analysis reports to help you optimise how your business is performing.

Key Features of MYOB Exo Finance Reporting Package

Management Dashboard

The management dashboard is designed to quickly inform you of important things in your business such as underperforming stock, period or daily gross profit, overdue invoices and sales performance by the stock group, salesperson or branch. The drill-down feature allows you to navigate straight to the information you need to make decisions, such as the details on an overdue invoice. Charts are easily exported for inclusion in management reports.

Built-in reports and report templates

MYOB Exo Finance comes complete with a large number of pre-configured reports and forms. Each of the reports is fully customisable allowing them to be used as templates for additional queries. This saves considerable time and allows your business to analyse your data in a way that is meaningful to you.

Access to Microsoft applications

Using MYOB Exo’s Finance SQL database enables you to use Microsoft applications such as the complete Office suite (Excel, Word, Access etc.) to further manipulate and report on your data. Using standard tools you can create powerful dynamically integrated spreadsheets that update automatically.

Drill-through reporting

MYOB Exo Reports provides interactive on-screen reporting. Turn any of your standard reports into a dynamic screen report that you can analyse the detailed information underneath. Drill-through reporting provides a more flexible and intuitive way of interacting with data.

For more information please have a read of the Management Reporting Factsheet

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