MYOB Exo Business – Multi-User

Allows a number of staff members to access MYOB EXO at any given time

MYOB Exo Business runs on Microsoft® SQL Server®, making it a scalable multi-user platform.

This allows hundreds of staff simultaneously access different functional areas of the MYOB Exo system at any one time – from accounts queries to sales orders, stock control, business reporting and much more.

Staff can work more efficiently in MYOB Exo Business’ multi-user environment too, because their workstation views can be optimised for their particular business or work process.

In other words, sales staff can focus on sales, warehouse staff can focus on the warehouse, and you can focus on the business.

If you’re not happy with the network performance of your current system, or you’d rather your staff were working with a system customised to their area of specialisation, then a move up to MYOB Exo Business will reduce your downtime and improve your output.

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