MYOB Advanced Version Release History

Keep up with MYOB’s releases of Advanced Business software

To get the best out of your MYOB Advanced software (powered by Acumatica), it is important that your system is up to date. Here you can find information about the MYOB Advanced version history and the latest upgrades available which include the latest features.

Upgrades for MYOB Advanced happen automatically. Approximately once a month an overnight process will upgrade the site with a minor release. As a result, you don’t need to do anything.

Once a year there will be a generational upgrade and we will be in touch regarding when this will take place and what new features will become available. For these upgrades, we will liaise with you on whether you want to test the new features in a sandbox environment with plenty of time before it is due to take place.

Summary of the New Features added to the 2023 Series of MYOB Advanced

2023.01 – MYOB Advanced Business Release

  • Delete tenants and snapshots in one screen: the process of deleting snapshots and tenants has been improved to address the possible performance issues and interruptions to user activities. The system deletes tenants and snapshots in batches, instead of deleting all the data in one operation,
  • Mixed Order Automation Behaviour: Ability to enter a negative line on a sales order to indicate receipt. You no longer have to enter 2 separate transactions,
  • Reassign approvals: users can reassign requests for their approval or delegate approval requests to other users,
  • Quick batch generation: a shorter workflow is provided as an additional way for supplier payments to be mass-processed,
  • Improved Delivery of Built-In Infotips: users can view info tips for boxes, checkboxes, and option buttons that appear on the tabs and in the areas of most MYOB Advanced forms, as well as for the columns of tables on forms,
  • Ability to change account type with posted transactions e.g. asset to liability,
  • Archiving process: This functionality provides the ability to archive the documents that are older than the retention period specified on the new Archival Policy form and that are processed to completion (for example, a sales order that has the Completed status and all its lines are billed and closed or cancelled) improving performance,
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: users can start a Teams chat, start a Teams call, import files from Teams to MYOB Advanced, share MYOB Advanced records with a contact or channel in Teams, send automatic notifications in Teams about events occurring on a record,
  • Enhancements to Tasks: new layout and functionality improving usability,
  • Enhancements to Business Events Triggered by Action: the ability to create a business event triggered by an existing action on a data entry form has been added,
  • New side panels,
  • Predefined user roles have been added that provide access to the forms needed in the everyday work of employees related to inventory and order management,
  • A host of performance improvements throughout MYOB Advanced.

Summary of the New Features added to the 2022 Series of MYOB Advanced

Summary of the New Features added to the 2021 Series of MYOB Advanced

Summary of the New Features added to the 2020 Series of MYOB Advanced

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Summary of the New Features added to the 2018 Series of MYOB Advanced

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