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How our Support team deliver smart and efficient solutions to you

If you have any technical enquiries, please call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ) or email

Kilimanjaro Consulting offers implementation, consulting, training, and support services for the suite of MYOB Enterprise products. This includes but is not limited to:

Additionally, as a part of our consulting services, Kilimanjaro Consulting develops and implements custom software solutions and application integrations for our clients that help our clients improve efficiencies within their organisations.

Introducing our Support

The MYOB Support Sherpas will help guide you to the best possible solution if and when you face challenges with your systems. With decades of experience between them, the MYOB Support team take a collaborative approach when solving your issue.

Our goal in providing MYOB support services is to ensure your continued success using the MYOB Enterprise suite of products. We want to get you back to working in your system as quickly as possible. Some issues are quick to resolve and can be taken care of over the phone. Others require escalation and time to properly build out a solution. Our priority is ensuring your system works perfectly when the ticket is closed.

We follow a structured methodology for any MYOB Support case to minimise risk and solve your problem efficiently. Our MYOB Support team has developed a robust knowledge base grounded in their real experiences in finding solutions for our clients. Knowing more about your issue allows the team to consider multiple resolutions. Whether the query is small or large, our team will always endeavour to provide the best solution.

Kilimanjaro Consulting Support Methodology for MYOB Advanced

MYOB Exo Tips and Tricks

Dive into our treasure trove of MYOB Exo tips and tricks. Learn the keys to business alerts, extra fields, mailshots, and more with new and exciting ways to improve efficiency. Take your MYOB Exo skills to the next level with these easy-to-digest tips and tricks.

MYOB Advanced Tips and Tricks

From time-saving keyboard shortcuts to expert-level automation configurations, our MYOB Advanced tips and tricks ensure that every user will learn new ways to improve efficiency. Gain a better understanding of the vast functionality MYOB Advanced has to offer.

Understanding our Services

Our MYOB services are usually provided through remote access to your environment. From there, we can look at your system and make appropriate changes to address the specific need.

Support services typically include the following:

  • Remote guidance to help with the ‘how do I’ and ‘why has this happened’ questions,
  • Hints, tips, and assistance to work better with your system,
  • Minor use access issues,
  • General enquiries and problem resolution,
  • Troubleshooting and technical support,

More complex consulting work includes:

  • Logging and tracking of verified application issues with MYOB and any third-party vendors,
  • MYOB Customisation work,
  • Writing and building specialist reports,
  • Complex MYOB training in specific modules or 3rd party products.

The Kilimanjaro Consulting Support Difference

As a part of our general support services, we are pleased to offer a range of additional benefits to our clients. These benefits include the following:

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will proactively look after your requirements.
  • Regular newsletters containing important product information, tips and tricks, and details on new functionality.
  • Complimentary and preferential invitations to the MYOB Advanced & Exo User Groups.
  • Access to software release documentation, setting out the key features of new versions and the benefits of upgrading.

Our promise to be #ClientFirst

Client satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our internal #ClientFirst initiative drives us to put the client first, always considering their needs before ours. It helps us focus on building good, strong, lasting client relationships while improving our service and the client experience. This is our difference in the market compared to other MYOB support partners. We are Farmers, not Hunters, and are committed to supporting the long-term growth of our clients.

The Kilimanjaro Consulting team boasts a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 4.68.

CSAT is a commonly used key performance indicator that tracks customers’ satisfaction with an organisation’s products or services. This high score is evidence of our strong partnership with our clients and the priority we place on their satisfaction.

Kilimanjaro Consulting is MYOB’s Number 1 Partner

MYOB awards are important to all MYOB Partners as recognition of their commitment, skills, determination, customer service excellence and more. The healthy competition between MYOB Partners encourages us to perform better and remain the largest and most experienced implementer of MYOB Enterprise solutions.
We are very proud of these achievements; ultimately, these awards are a testament to our client’s success.
Candice Lee, Senior Consultant – MYOB Advanced, was the first winner of MYOB’s Consultant of the Year Award. Candice leads the way for every MYOB Support Partner and Consultant with her #ClientFirst approach.

Your MYOB Support Options

Recognising that clients have unique needs and priorities, Kilimanjaro Consulting offers clients a range of support options. These options enable our support Sherpas to deliver support tailored to your preferred engagement model efficiently and cost-effectively. Consulting services are separate from support services. Unlike support services, consulting work necessitates agreement of scoped project proposals before any work is undertaken.

As a part of our Support Services, we offer a range of Plans to meet your ongoing support needs.

Premium Plan for MYOB Support

The premium support plan includes unlimited support* and a complimentary annual health check. Consulting
rates are also discounted (although quoted and charged separately).

Standard Plan for MYOB Support

The standard support plan includes unlimited support* services for up to half an hour per ticket, plus a complimentary annual health check. Any time above half an hour will be quoted and charged at standard rates.

PAYG Plan for MYOB Support

Under the PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) Plan, you will be billed for all services provided based on our standard rates. This option is only recommended for occasional users of our support services, as it does not provide prioritised support response.

*Note that support does not include consulting or projects.

Logging a Support Task

Please call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ) or email to log a support task.

We will assign priority to every incoming task. Any task triaged as Critical severity will be actioned immediately where possible. Otherwise, your request will be logged, and a task number will be allocated.

Where the enquiry relates to an existing support task, we will attempt to connect you with the consultant allocated to your task. When the allocated consultant is not available, the team will convey any relevant messages or assist where possible.

Once the support task is logged, it is assigned to an appropriately experienced consultant, with an email confirming this assignment. The consultants will then continue to communicate and engage directly with you through to resolution or internal escalation.

MYOB Advanced Support Portal

MYOB Advanced clients can log and track cases using the new Support Portal. The Support Portal is a dedicated platform for MYOB Advanced users to log a case anytime, anywhere, ensuring your concerns are promptly addressed. Whether you encounter a problem with MYOB Advanced or need help with a new feature, our Support team sherpas are ready to guide you up the technology mountain to become more efficient in the use of your system.

Understanding MYOB Support Task Priority

All tasks raised for MYOB Support Services are reviewed for impact on business operations and are assigned a priority.

Critical: A critical priority task is when your business operations have been halted, and no workaround is available. Immediate action is called for to expedite the resumption of these regular business operations.

High: A high-severity task is one where your business operations have been impacted, but a workaround may restore operations fully or partially. Expedited action is called for to achieve a full resumption of normal operations.

Medium: A medium-severity task is one where your overall business operations have not been impacted but where a specific process area is being inconvenienced. Prompt action is called for, but some delay in eliminating the inconvenience is tolerable.

Low: A low-severity task is one where your overall business operations are not impacted and where the specific incident presents a minor inconvenience. Prompt action is not required in this instance, and the resolution will be planned with you.

How can we help

Our team will be pleased to provide you with ongoing MYOB Support Services. If your current MYOB support provider does not meet your standards or wants to discuss your support requirements further, please contact our team by emailing

Kilimanjaro Consulting is the largest and most experienced implementer of MYOB’s Business Management Systems across Australia and New Zealand. Our low-risk approach ensures our clients are in the safest hands along their technology journey.

Contact us if your current MYOB support provider does not meet your standards or wants to discuss your support requirements further. Email or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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