COVID-19 Updates

Your one-stop guide to managing your business processes

We understand the global pandemic that is COVID-19 has affected all businesses in one way or another. We are dedicated to keeping our clients up to date with the latest news and support to help you manage your business processes during this time.

Our response to COVID-19

We want to ensure business continuity and support during COVID-19, however, the health and wellbeing of every team member and client is our greatest priority. During this time, Kilimanjaro has made changes to our standard procedures to reduce the overall spread of the virus while ensuring our clients have consistent MYOB customer support. To read more about how we operate now, visit our response to COVID-19 page.

6 ways to evolve your ERP in a COVID-19 world

These unprecedented times have meant businesses are working in different ways and accessing systems and solutions like never before, so, being “connected” is more important than ever. It is vital that your employees, suppliers and clients can access important information when they need it, without putting your business at risk. Read more about the 6 most frequently asked questions MYOB Exo users are asking during this time.

Business Improvement Opportunity

While the COVID-19 pandemic is an awful period to live through, impacting lives and businesses in the worst possible way, a situation of this kind can provide opportunities not available during normal times. 

As part of our service, we will work with you all to improve your businesses through the intelligent application of business systems and processes.  As front-line consultants, time and time again we see the situation where, although the need for internal improvements is recognised and the will exists to see it through, key people involved are simply too busy with their regular roles and do not have time for these projects. 

As we move further into containment measures which slow down operations, now would be an excellent time to invest in productivity, systems and efficiency.  Six months from now, when economies start returning to normal, your business will be well-positioned to take advantage of the new situation. Read more on what you can do during COVID-19 with business improvement opportunities.

Boost your career while WFH with MYOB Online Training

As the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way that the majority of Australian and global businesses are choosing to operate, opportunities have arisen that could help your business and benefit your professional career. The time away from the office can create an opportunity for inspiration, motivation and personal development. Therefore, The MYOB Exo Business – Online Training Course was created to allow you to deepen your knowledge on the core elements within the software that lies at the centre of your business, from the safety and convenience of your home office.

Read more about how these online training opportunities can benefit you here.

Data analytics essentials for the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic puts risk management and disruption strategies under the spotlight as companies experience limited supply and others are battling cash flow shortages. For businesses who move and sell products, inventory management can be a never-ending battle. During the shock of COVID-19, when supply and demand are volatile, managing stock presents further challenges. Strong visibility into your operations using data analytics principles can help manage inventory levels and keep cash flow steady. Read more about one of our connected services, Phocas Software, and how you can access your essential data.

JobKeeper and JobMaker for MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced users

The JobKeeper payment period commenced from March 30, 2020. It has been extended until the 28th of March 2021. The ATO will reimburse participating employers monthly in arrears based on the Payment Rates applicable to eligible employees. The ATO has also introduced a JobMaker Hiring Scheme to encourage employers to employ people between the ages of 16 and 35, for a 12 month period, starting between the 7th of October 2020 and the 6th of October 2021. Employers must nominate and confirm eligible employees and provide supporting information that eligible employees have been paid under the JobKeeper and/or JobMaking Hiring schemes.

For a full guide on the new Subsidy Scheme, and for how to set up Single Touch Payroll to register employees for the subsidy, download the guide below according to your software. 

MYOB Business Preparedness Guide

Get valuable, expert advice and insights in MYOB’s Business Preparedness Guide, created specifically for all COVID-19 affected customers. Download the useful PDF below.

If you need any support or have any queries, we are always here to help and have a chat! Call us on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ), the Kilimanjaro team is here to support you during this time.

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