Comparing ERP Packages: Jim2

Comparing MYOB Exo with Jim2

The Jim 2 Business Engine is an integrated on-premise and cloud-based platform for finance, sales, manufacturing and operations.

The Pros: What Jim 2 does well

  • Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Provides comprehensive GST reporting
  • Allows users to create a customised performance dashboard landing page
  • Supplier integration allows pricing and stock to be automatically updated
  • Engineer labour tracking calculates billable and actual hours
  • Allows users to bundle inventory when quoting and selling
  • Robust CRM functionality
  • Web based Help File is updated regulated
  • Recent upgrade includes enhanced search tools and bulk email abilities
  • Locally produced and supported
  • Workflow and documents all managed in one place
  • Mobile application updates in real time
  • Outlook integration
  • Simple warehouse management
  • Job costing and job management

The Cons: Where Jim 2 could do better

  • Limited configurability
  • Does not have the capability to handle the processes of larger businesses

Jim 2 is suited to:

  • Small to medium sized businesses

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