MYOB Exo Review

An honest and objective look at MYOB Exo in comparison with other ERP solutions.

“Comparing ERP packages can be a daunting task. My advice is to take a more strategic view. A good implementation requires good software, a good implementer, and commitment from your company. The software is only one factor in this equation. Small companies may be able to select software based on a checklist of functionality. Larger, or growing companies need to base their selection on their unique requirements. Before comparing software, take a long hard look at your own company. Make sure you understand your processes, your workflows, and your audit requirements. Engage your team in the early stages. Taking a unilateral decision will cause change management issues down the track. People will support what they help create, and your team’s buy-in is a critical element in a successful implementation” – Ronnie Baskind, Managing Director.

Making a change to your current ERP system or investing in your first ERP system is a challenge all businesses face as they grow. While you may regard the time spent researching a solution as frustrating, the selection of suitable software is critical to the success of the implementation. So too is your choice of implementing partner. You should regard the time spent on research and selection of both software and implementation partner, as an insurance policy. The more thorough this selection, the lower your risk.

Where to look for information about MYOB Exo?

It can sometimes be difficult to find unbiased information about MYOB Exo. We do believe that MYOB Exo is a great piece of software. There are many success stories which you can find in our case study section. Kilimanjaro’s MYOB Exo Review aims to be as transparent, objective, and honest as possible to help businesses select the right ERP system.  The Review is split into the following sections to help better navigate through the information:

You may not have done it before, but we have.

When looking at what your company requires, it is a good idea to also look at you’re your company does not require. Unnecessary complexity will simply cause frustration for the users. But, as companies grow, they become more complex. Some software has a focus on just getting the job done with a minimum of bureaucracy. However, larger, more complex businesses require some attributes not found in small company software:

  • Separation of Responsibilities
  • Workflow driven processes
  • Corporate Governance and Audit Requirements

These are 3 fundamentals that must be considered before looking at the functional footprint of the software.

MYOB Advanced – New MYOB Cloud-Based Software

If MYOB Exo is not the software for you, you might consider another solution from the MYOB product family. MYOB Advanced is designed for larger, more complex business looking for a cloud-based solution. It is a fully-featured business management system that covers your entire business operations, from General Ledger to Administration to warehouse and everything in between. The software is a suitable choice for companies that have a workflow, separation of responsibility, and audit requirements.  The implementation process and methodology is as important with SaaS as with any other software, and Kilimanjaro can deliver this solution at low risk.

If you wish for us to help you through the ERP Selection process, don’t hesitate and easily fill out the detail on the contact form, email us on or give us a call on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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