Dealers Online – A tightly integrated Business-to-Business Webstore for MYOB Exo users.

Give your customers direct ordering capabilities and instant stock information, directly from MYOB Exo.

Dealers Online is a live, web-based inventory portal for Business-to-Business clients. If you know your customer and have done business with them before, this Webstore is the most powerful you are likely to find in its class. It gives customers the power to view up to date stock information, view their account details, and place orders based on individual contract pricing rules – all without your sales team having to lift a finger. Customers on stop credit or over their credit limit are automatically identified in real-time. Dealers Online is ideal for stock-based, wholesale businesses with a high volume of sales and multiple locations. It is equally suitable for smaller businesses that need to transact online.

Because Dealers Online was built for MYOB Exo, it can be deployed quickly. You can have your Webstore up and running in days, rather than the months it takes to build and integrate with other web-stores. It is also a fraction of the cost.

Main Features

When using the Dealers Online portal, your customers can:

  • View your product catalogue online,
  • Check stock levels in real-time,
  • See incoming or available stock information,
  • OCI punchout functionality
  • Place sales orders,
  • Track existing orders,
  • View their previous transactions,
  • View their account, outstanding balances, and other details, or
  • Read about specials or new incoming lines via the “Company News” section.

What are the Benefits of Dealers Online?

Giving your customers access to easily manage their own orders improves the buying experience. Purchases can be made at any time according to your customers needs, and they can buy with confidence, knowing that they have access to information they would otherwise have to get from a sales rep.

Dealers Online also saves time for your team. Without having to take phone orders or re-key sales entries, your team is freed up to focus on more important tasks, such as finding new clients and driving company growth.

As logins and permissions are set up within MYOB Exo, you can control individual pricing groups for your clients. This flow through happens automatically as Dealers Online pulls the information from MYOB Exo. If you have specific pricing, terms, or limits in place for a customer in MYOB Exo, then that information will be reflected in your Dealers Online portal. Customers can even be shown “masked” stock levels, depending on the user’s permission, as well as RRP and special customer pricing.

With new Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) punchout functionality, the Dealers Online web-portal will communicate directly with your client’s procurement platform. This makes the buying process even more seamless and further improves your clients buying experience.

Integration with MYOB Exo

Dealers Online is an extension of MYOB Exo and is fully integrated to your database. This integration means that your online portal is always kept up to date, as data feeds directly from MYOB Exo. Your customers are not only seeing your up-to-date data through the portal, but their buying behaviour will also write back into MYOB Exo, updating numbers across your entire database. Orders placed will instantly appear in the Sales Order screen and can be processed or dispatched by your warehouse within minutes. MYOB Exo can also be set up to automatically notify the customer via email that the order has been placed, or dispatched.

Dealers Online is a simple, but powerful extension of MYOB Exo, that allows your wholesale customers to check stock levels and place orders directly to you. It is invaluable for stock-based wholesale businesses, to empower your customers and improve your teams efficiency.

To find out how Dealers Online can benefit your organisation, email, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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