MYOB Exo Integration & Customisation

We help integrate MYOB Exo seamlessly with Kilimanjaro and third-party add-on products.

MYOB Exo Business is a highly configurable software that can be tailored to meet your business needs. It gives your organisation the ability to use a system that is truly yours; not another basic, off-the-shelf accounting package.

Why customise MYOB Exo?

MYOB Exo is a secure, long-term solution to support your business operations. Companies with MYOB Exo as their business management platform will use it for an average of 13 years. Over your long tenure with the system, your organisation will naturally change and evolve. MYOB Exo is customisable over your software lifetime, so it can continue to support your team and improve efficiency.

Benefits of customising MYOB Exo

There are numerous benefits to tailoring MYOB Exo to better suit your organisation’s requirements. A system that is customised for your team will:

  • Better support your specific and unique workflows,
  • Boost efficiency by removing the need for manual duplication across disconnected systems,
  • Streamline your operations by only giving you the functionality you really need,
  • Do more for your organisation than a typical off-the-shelf accounting package,
  • Extend your team’s reach as you grow and become more complex.

When should you customise MYOB Exo?

The first opportunity to customise MYOB Exo will arise in your implementation. As part of the design phase, your MYOB Exo implementation team will determine what the system can do for your business to improve efficiency. MYOB Exo supports the integration of additional modules that extend the scope of what your organisation can achieve. The modules you choose to implement, custom reports, and even integrated best-of-breed services are all options for improving your efficiency with a bespoke MYOB Exo solution.

Look to stay sharp and improve what has worked in the past; especially as you continue to grow and become more complex. Even after the implementation, you can continue to customise MYOB Exo Business to suit your changing operations. This can be a cost-effective way to improve and modernise your system and extract more value out of your software investment. With any new module integrated directly into MYOB Exo Business, your General Ledger remains up to date, removing the need for manual data re-entry, and making your team more efficient. Customising MYOB Exo’s flexible underlying SQL database is the key to its unparalleled customisability and adaptability. SQL experts can create customised workflows and processes natively within MYOB Exo to create a truly unique system for your business.

Business Process Improvement to improve efficiency

Under the guidance of your trusted software partner, you should look to complete a Business Process Improvement (BPI) consultation every 12-18 months. A BPI is a systematic approach to help you optimise your underlying processes and achieve more efficient results. The Kilimanjaro Consulting team embed these optimised processes into MYOB Exo, through customised workflows, additional MYOB Exo modules, or integrated add-on solutions.

Keep MYOB Exo running smoothly with regular maintenance

MYOB Exo is the engine that drives your business. And, like any engine, your MYOB Exo system requires maintenance to perform at its peak. Kilimanjaro Consulting has developed an MYOB Exo Performance Optimisation program to keep your system running smoothly. Our highly skilled consultants analyse your system, develop a unique plan for your business, and deliver fast improvements. If you have a large database or have noticed declining MYOB Exo performance over time, consider an optimisation project.

Introduce new features to MYOB Exo

The latest versions of MYOB Exo bring new functionality and features that you can include in your system. Your Annual Licence Fee (ALF) entitles you to the latest version of MYOB Exo. Putting off updates means that you could be missing out on a new function to improve efficiency. We recommend that you regularly update MYOB Exo. You need the assistance of your trusted support partner to implement the upgrade and maintain your customisations, so they continue to function.

Our team of MYOB Exo experts consider the impact that approaching updates will have on your customisations. Rebuilding customisations with every new version of MYOB Exo is time-consuming and expensive. We ensure risk-free customisations and upgrades as part of our structured methodology.

MYOB Exo Business and a range of add-on products

Integrating best-of-breed add-on solutions into MYOB Exo is another way to add new features and functions to your system. These connected services enable enhanced functionality without compromising your system as a single source of truth. Extend the scope of MYOB Exo by integrating with best-of-breed add-on solutions:

How to connect MYOB Exo to other products

You will need the help of a skilled team to integrate MYOB Exo with different add-on products. The process is possible because of the documented Application Programming Interface (API). In cases where the native MYOB Exo API does not contain sufficient endpoints, Kilimanjaro Consulting can build out our own ExoAPI to meet every requirement.

Kilimanjaro’s MYOB Exo API module allows your MYOB Exo Business system to interact in real-time with underlying Microsoft SQL database. With this add-on you can:

  • Leverage your external web-based applications without needing to duplicate your data within MYOB Exo Business,
  • Customise your back-end SQL stored procedures and views,
  • Enjoy the highly secure web-based module,
  • Realise the flexibility of an API built to be upgrade compatible, ensuring that your customisation stays functional with new MYOB Exo Business upgrades.

The Integrator for MYOB Exo

SynKit is a synchronisation tool specifically developed for MYOB Exo Business by the team at Kilimanjaro Consulting. Its key benefit is the ability for MYOB Exo users to integrate with their favourite third-party applications. We support a range of connections, from e-commerce to CRM synchronisations. SynKit promotes the live push and pulls of data between your ERP and any 3rd party application with an open API. This means that you can gain a competitive advantage in your market by leveraging best-of-breed solutions that have not been purpose-built to integrate with MYOB Exo, without having to manually keep both systems up to date.

The MYOB Exo pathway to the cloud

Your MYOB Exo database can be hosted in the cloud with ExoHosted. ExoHosted is an innovative solution that combines the classic MYOB Exo Business software with our cloud-based technology, allowing you to take advantage of uninterrupted, 24/7 service. ExoHosted gives employees on-the-go access from any device, anywhere. Additionally, the fixed monthly hosting fee will ease your cash-flow and reduce operational costs. ExoHosted is managed and maintained by the Kilimanjaro Consulting team. Trust in our team to manage all aspects of your MYOB Exo system, from MYOB support services to the cloud.

Our MYOB Exo customisation and integration methodology

Kilimanjaro Consulting follows a structured and tested methodology for our customisation work. It aims to reduce risk and ensure all your requirements are met. The methodology informs everything that we do across a project, from discovery and design, to testing and post-go-live support. Following a structured process means that everyone in our team knows which steps to take for a successful implementation. Lessons from past experiences are embedded in the methodology. Providing a clear goal makes the process efficient and transparent, creating a positive experience for both our clients and our team.

To start a conversation about how MYOB Exo customisations can improve efficiency in your organisation, email, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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