Freight System Integration

Real-time freight information is delivered directly into MYOB Exo

Developed by Kilimanjaro Consulting, the Freight System Integration gives stock-based businesses the ability to manage their freight information from within MYOB Exo. The integration works between your SmartFreight One system to find the cheapest freight cost and feed the information back to MYOB Exo. The Freight System Integration is perfect for stock-based distribution companies, who have significant and complex freight requirements.

Main Features

With the Freight System Integration, you can:

  • Find cheaper freight costs,
  • Automatically capture shipping information within MYOB Exo, or
  • Calculate true gross profit within MYOB Exo.

What are the benefits of the Freight System Integration?

Kilimanjaro’s Freight System Integration builds the bridge between MYOB Exo and your SmartFreight One system. This means that MYOB Exo is kept up to date with all your freight and shipping information. Sales Orders can contain the details of your dispatch, including tracking links, shipping costs, and consignment note numbers. As a result, data duplication between your freight system and MYOB Exo is eliminated, saving time, and reducing your error rate.

This connection to a freight management system also means that the cheapest freight method can be calculated and captured in MYOB Exo, updating the Sales Order to reflect the true gross profit of the transaction. This information is invaluable for accounts and finance teams looking to visualise the true picture of your company.

Integration with MYOB Exo

The Freight System Integration links your freight management system such as SmartFreight One into your MYOB Exo system. The live data feed between the two databases enhances MYOB Exo and allows it to continue serving as your single source of truth, managing all of your sales and distribution data in one place. The integration between MYOB Exo and SmartFreight One is relatively low cost, due to the pre-built connection of Kilimanjaro’s Freight System Integration.

If you would like more information about how you can enhance your freight management in MYOB Exo with the Freight System Integration, email our team at or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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