Introducing MYOB Exo

What it is, what it does and how it can help your business

MYOB Exo Business is the new name for the MYOB range of software and services for growing and mid-sized businesses.

As well as proudly carrying the quality and certainty of the MYOB brand, the MYOB Exo name respects the history of the technology and the customer relationships that MYOB inherited when they acquired the Exonet business.

It is also intended to use the MYOB Exo brand to help MYOB distinguish the powerful higher-end applications and services from the ‘off the shelf’ products in the MYOB software range.

Since acquiring the Exonet business, MYOB has been busy investing in developing technology and in understanding the complexity of our customers’ needs.

It’s long been the MYOB view that, once you get to a certain size of business, there’s a point at which ‘one size fits all’ technology doesn’t seem to fit so well.

This has been obvious when talking to customers who have been testing the limits of their MYOB Premier software, and was also apparent while talking to Exonet customers who have already ‘made the leap’. And it has been MYOB customers who have given these excellent insights into how that process could be improved.

The work that MYOB has been doing behind the scenes with the former Exonet technology is intended to make the transition from ‘out of the box’ software to a sophisticated integrated business management solution easier and more logical for an owner of a growing business.

Announcing MYOB Exo Business

The June launch of the latest version of MYOB Exonet, to now be known as MYOB Exo Business, puts some immediate substance behind the new MYOB Exo brand.

Building on the heritage of MYOB Exonet, MYOB Exo Business is an integrated business management system consisting of Finance, Job Costing, POS, Fixed Assets, Customer Management, Reporting and Inventory Control modules.

The core module – MYOB Exo Finance

At the core of the MYOB Exo Business, the system is MYOB Exo Finance. It provides a complete and rich set of accounting, sales order processing and reporting functionality, including state-of-the-art management ‘dashboards’ that provide a real-time view of operations.

The MYOB Exo Finance module also gives you access to all the supplier and customer contact details needed to manage orders, invoices, statements and more, along with supplier relationships and marketing and sales activities.

You can even connect and access MYOB Exo Business remotely, making it ideal for branch management, mobile sales, working with an external accountant or managing your business from home or while travelling.

Powerful stock control and distribution features provide full visibility and management of each and every stock movement from customer order and stock purchase right through to delivery, transforming logistics areas into a source of customer service excellence.

With the dashboard feature, each user can select from a range of graphical reports to monitor their specific area of the business. You can also drill down to get more detail or to take action.

Analysis tools built into the product allow you to easily monitor stock performance, track sales against budget or produce detailed sales analysis reports to help optimise how a business is performing.

Installation, training and support

A preconfigured version of MYOB Exo Finance can be purchased directly from MYOB, who will also provide the implementation and training services, with installation support delivered through a series of workshops and web-based demonstrations.

In the past, many business owners were daunted by the powerful functionality of the Exonet platform, which while being highly configurable, traditionally required a fairly hands-on installation approach.

MYOB Exo Business introduces a new pre-configured format which makes it easier for business owners to implement a standardised ready-to-use version and then expand as their business demands more functionality – or, in many cases, as their staff become more confident and demand more functionality!.

MYOB will provide a dedicated team of technical specialists for ongoing support for this pre-configured version of MYOB Exo Finance system.

Create the perfect fit for your business needs

Beyond the pre-configured installation, MYOB Exo Business can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs and processes of your business.

Working from the core functionality in MYOB Exo Finance and in consultation with Kilimanjaro, an accredited MYOB Enterprise Partner, you can configure your application workflows, interfaces and reports to create a truly unique system.

And as your business processes change, your software can be changed too, so your business isn’t restricted by your software.

You can also customise a complete system by purchasing additional modules, including:

If you’re already running your business on MYOB Exo, speak to Kilimanjaro on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ), or send us an email at to find out how you could benefit by upgrading to the new MYOB Exo Business product today.

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