MYOB Diamond Partner: Three Years and Counting

MYOB's recognition of our success

Kilimanjaro is proud to announce that for the third year in a row we have attained MYOB’s Diamond Partner status. This award is a credit to our fantastic team and the long-term relationships we maintain with our clients. We believe that a combination of a highly skilled team of Sherpas continued commitment, paired with our low-risk methodologies is the key to clients trust and our success.

Maintaining MYOB Diamond Partner status attests that Kilimanjaro has consistently performed well when measured by MYOB’s metrics. Customer satisfaction and business improvement are our highest priorities.

What is MYOB Diamond Partner Status?

The MYOB Partner channel was established to support bigger business with implementation and ongoing support of MYOB Enterprise products, such as MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. All MYOB partners must be certified and trained to support their clients. The journey to achieve MYOB recognition is long and challenging. There are certain criteria to be met. We believe that healthy competition drives constant development and improvement. As the channel has evolved, the benchmark has become higher. It truly is an achievement to be a Diamond Partner, as there are strong competitors in the Enterprise division.

MYOB Diamond Partner

Kilimanjaro as MYOB’s first  Diamond Partner

You may not be aware that Kilimanjaro was recognised as MYOB’s first Diamond Partner. On 14th of March 2016, MYOB announced that Kilimanjaro Consulting had qualified as the first and only MYOB Diamond Partner. It was an honour for us and an exciting challenge to maintain this status for the future.

MYOB Diamond partner 3 years and counting – our promise to our clients

Being an MYOB Diamond Partner is not only an honour but also carries with it an obligation. We look forward to consistently helping our clients improve their business efficiencies through the clever use of innovative and proven technology. Our promise to our clients is to implement software using our low-risk methodologies,  that will allow our clients to feel safe and in trusted hands. We are continually looking for areas to improve our customer satisfaction and help our clients succeed. We genuinely believe our client’s success is our biggest award.

Big thank you to Kilimanjaro’s team of Sherpas

We would like to send big thanks to our team for all the hard work. From guidance, consultancy, implementation to support, their work has achieved our third year in a row with  MYOB Diamond Partner status. Most importantly, a humble thank you to all our clients for another great year of success thanks to the patience and trust you have put into Kilimanjaro.

The tribal culture here will continue to thrive off our approach to help clients scale new heights, guide them to achieve current goals and realise new ones.

We can also be your trusted partner

At Kilimanjaro, we understand that choosing the right ERP for your business might be stressful. However, we are here to help from the beginning to end. We will ensure that the selection process, implementation and any support queries after that are dealt with to the highest standard. If you wish to have Kilimanjaro as your trusted partner, contact us today for a free consultation with one of our specialists. If you are considering choosing an ERP system for your business, you might want to check our latest article “Making Your Way Through The ERP Selection Process” for some tips on where to start.

If you have any more enquiries, please email us at, or give us a call at 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

MYOB Diamond Partner
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