A new way to make financial reporting easy!

Use Velixo with MYOB Advanced to improve your reporting efficiency.

MYOB Advanced is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, designed to help to manage your organisation’s entire operations. It is a deeply configurable system generally used by larger, more complex organisations with significant auditability requirements, workflow automation and reporting needs. The data that is collected from across your organisation provides unparalleled detail for your reporting and analysis.

However, we have found that some clients still prefer to use Excel for their financial and project reporting, despite the power of MYOB Advanced.

Why persist with MS Excel©?

To put it simply, Excel is familiar territory. While MYOB Advanced is powerful and detailed, there is a learning curve that can be difficult without specialised training. It may not be cost-effective for your business to train your entire staff in MYOB Advanced, but it is almost a certainty that they will be able to use Excel. However, Excel and MYOB Advanced are separate systems. You would need to manually bring your data into Excel every time you needed to manipulate data. Complex reports could take days to build, and this work would need to be redone every time the data is updated.

So where does Velixo come in?

Velixo is the missing link between MYOB Advanced and MS Excel meaning you get the best of both worlds! Supreme reporting functionality and ease of use is at your fingertips. Velixo is an add-on to MYOB Advanced and MS Excel, allowing the live flow of data from the General Inquiries in your ERP straight through to your spreadsheets. This data can be refreshed so you are always working with up-to-date information.

Velixo gathers the live data from your ERP system and brings it directly to Excel, so you are always working with accurate and up-to-date numbers. Thanks to Smart Refresh, new data is updated quickly, allowing you to refresh even the most complex report in just a few seconds.

Because you are using Excel for your reporting and project management needs, the learning curve is much less steep. The new features of Velixo are all that needs to be learned because it otherwise looks and feels like Excel. It is an add-on solution that is simple to install, so your team can find instant benefits and improve your efficiency.

Velixo adds extra functionality to MS Excel© 

Velixo is an add-on to Excel and includes over 60 additional functions. These additional functions are designed to facilitate financial and project reporting. With powerful formatting and data visualisation capabilities including tabs, conditional formatting, charts, and data grouping Velixo helps to get the most out of your complex data. The data visualisation functionalities help to highlight important information, to immediately appreciate your situation without getting bogged down in the detail.

With Velixo you can automatically email, export, or share multiple versions of the same report.

Report distribution is customisable – you can specify which tabs are visible based on the recipient. Include different tabs or set specific parameters so that individuals are only looking at the data that is relevant to them. Excel documents can also be exported as PDF documents, values, or even directly into the body of an email. For additional security, your reports can be password protected when exported.

Other benefits include:

  • Excel Functions specially designed to work with your MYOB Advanced General Ledger, Projects, and Generic Inquiries
  • Powerful Filtering and Selection
  • Consolidation of different data streams into one report
  • GL, Budget, and Project Forecast Writeback
  • Automated Report Distribution
  • Integrated Security
  • Smart Refresh
  • Smart Drilldown
  • Unlimited User Licensing

Integrated Excel Data Analysis for MYOB Advanced

To start a conversation about how Velixo could improve efficiency in your business, contact us by emailing sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ). To learn more about Velixo and how it works with MYOB Advanced and Excel to strengthen your reporting functionality, watch the full recording of our recent webinar. For more interesting content visit our youtube channel.

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