Velixo Version 6

Learn about all the new features in the latest version of Velixo

Velixo brings the power of MYOB Advanced to Excel, by letting you produce live reports that can be refreshed with a single click, as well as giving you full drilldown and writeback to MYOB Advanced. It is a flexible and powerful piece of software, enhancing the basic capabilities of Excel to achieve even greater reporting results. The only differences you will see are the Velixo specific functions, otherwise it looks, feels, and works like the Excel you are so familiar with. It is possible to build many different types of detailed reports such as: Income Statements, Project Reports, or Budgets, with data updating live from your MYOB Advanced system.

Report distribution has been supercharged

Velixo’s pre-existing distribution list feature makes it easy to generate and email out specific worksheets from a report. You can customise the distribution list to email specific tabs and specific email addresses, by customising the report parameters. However, in the past this has worked best when sending one email per report. A given tab in the source file would only ever produce a single tab in the distributed file. But the new supercharged distribution list can now send multiple variations of a report without the need to create separate worksheet tabs.

By leveraging a special syntax for tab selection, the new BLUEPRINTS function generates multiple tabs in the distribution file from just one tab in the source file. The blueprint feature brings a second dimension of depth to report distribution. Now not only can a report file serve as a template for multiple reports, but one tab in the source file can produce multiple tabs in each of the resulting files during report distribution.

Another new feature of Velixo 6, is the ability to include a cell range or named region within the report being sent directly into the email body.

Bring your reports to life with an enhanced dynamic array

These improvements deal with visual cleanliness and avoiding the clutter of unnecessary 0-balance rows in your reports. When building trial balances, two new functions are extremely helpful in clearing up your reports:

The new functions ACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY and ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY returns a list of accounts (or sub-accounts) in a dynamic array, but only ever returning those accounts that have activity in the specified period range. This includes accounts that have any non-zero amount in their beginning balance, debit turnover, credit turnover, or ending balance. This will also update the list of accounts in real time, across ledger and branch changes in the report.

Velixo also has a new Auto-Hide feature to reach the same goal, clearing up your reports by removing unnecessary 0-balance accounts. Velixo already had a “Hide-Zero Rows” feature, however, this would not update properly if parameters were changed in the report. The Auto-Hide Zero Row feature will work the same way as the Hide Zero Rows, except that it will automatically check whether any of the changed rows became zero and automatically hides them, then it checks if any of the previously hidden rows have become non-zero, and automatically unhides them. This completely removes the need for any manual operations with zero rows upon refresh.

Your General Ledger is more flexible than ever before

Velixo is now no longer restricted by financial period boundaries. As of Velixo Version 6 reports can be produced based on balances and turnovers as of any calendar date. This extra flexibility applies for mid-month reporting, weekly changes in account balances, sales revenue for specific dates.

Provisional General Ledger reporting is also available. This allows you to optionally include unposted GL balances in your formulas. This feature will default to posted only, so that all of your previously built reports will continue working properly, however it is now possible to include information from balanced GL batches.

Other minor features of Velixo 6

There are a range of other minor additions in Velixo 6:

  • If you are using single sign on, your default browser can be used to log in. This will improve the User Experience as your default browser can save your credentials.
  • If running Velixo in multi-user environments, per-machine installation is now supported. IT administrators and larger organisations will appreciate this addition.
  • Intelligence window suggests possible argument values as you type the formula.
  • There are set of new functions to make your dynamic reporting even better.
  • Project budget forecasts can now be updated with the write-back feature. Support has also been added for the write-back of GL tax transactions.
  • Velixo is now going cross-platform. Velixo NX (Next Generation) can now be accessed on Mac and Excel Online from any web-browser.

If you would like more information on Velixo, you can visit our detailed page here. If you are interested in adding Velixo into your MYOB Advanced system and leveraging the power of Excel in a live environment, contact your account manager, email, or call us on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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