Kilimanjaro Consulting – now across Australia and New Zealand

Kilimanjaro Consulting is now the largest MYOB Channel Partner across Australia and New Zealand

After having spent the last two years consolidating resources, Enprise Solutions and Kilimanjaro Consulting, the two largest MYOB Channel Partners in their respective countries, have merged and will operate under one name – Kilimanjaro Consulting. As part of the One Company, One Team, One Brand Strategy, this merge places Kilimanjaro Consulting at the front of the pack; as the largest MYOB Channel Partner across Australia and New Zealand.

The proud Enprise name remains on the masthead of the parent investment company, the Enprise Group. Enprise Solutions and Kilimanjaro Consulting are owned and operated by the Enprise Group (NZX:ENS), which is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Enprise Group is a high-tech software and services investment company made up of its Enterprise Division (containing Kilimanjaro Consulting), iSell (a seller of cloud-based quoting systems) and Datagate (agile cloud mass billing solution)

With the only key differences between the two being the Tasman Sea and local currencies and both being operational birds of the feather, the decision to flock together was the obvious choice for the Enprise Group’s Board of Directors. 

Why the merge? Together we offer more.

Together we have the largest and most experienced pool of MYOB AdvancedMYOB Advanced Payroll, MYOB Advanced Workforce Management and MYOB Exo consultants and support staff across Australia and New Zealand.  Services are delivered locally with branches in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth.  

Our portfolio includes a range of companion products that boost the productivity of MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. This range of market-leading companion products is carefully selected to integrate tightly and extend the power and functionality of MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. We offer hosting, implementation, integration, customisation, management, support, cloud options, and training for all software we sell.

Kilimanjaro is a trusted Australian consultancy offering licensing flexibility, easy upgrading flexibility, local support, and local hosting.  Kilimanjaro prides itself in removing risk from client projects and ensuring ‘gold standard’ support over the long haul. 

Throughout this change, Kilimanjaro’s mission remains the same: to help our clients improve their efficiency through the use of clever, innovative, and proven technology.

What changes can you expect?

There will be no disruption to your usual service. Whether you were a client of Kilimanjaro Consulting or Enprise Solutions, the same team will be supporting your system. Many things will indeed stay the same:

Changes for clients based in New Zealand

  • One Company – One Team – One Brand across Australia and New Zealand – visit our team page
  • Largest team – largest skill base – more product specialists
  • Enhanced service capability for you – bigger is better
  • With our trans-Tasman team, we now offer support from 7.30 am to 9:30 pm NZ time.
  • After-hours support services available to you
  • One Web address:
  • Universal email addresses
    *All existing email addresses will remain operable

Most things will stay the same

  • Same NZ phone numbers +64-9-8295500 or 0800-4-3677473
  • You can still log tickets with the re-named ticket system
  • The local consultant(s) who have specific knowledge of your site will still be available as before

Changes for clients in Australia

  • One Company – One Team – One Brand across Australia and New Zealand
  • More power to serve you with the largest team – largest skill base, and more product specialists
  • With our trans-Tasman team, we now offer extended support from 7.30 am to 7:30 pm AU time.
  • Extended After-hours support services available to you
  • One Web address:
  • Universal email addresses
    *All existing email addresses will remain operable

What will happen going forward?

Kilimanjaro Consulting will now deliver an even more potent service package to all Australian and New Zealand customers. Aligned under one management team and led by CEO Ronnie Baskind (Kilimanjaro’s founder), Kilimanjaro Consulting delivers a coherent and focused service package for all customers across the two geographies. 

In fact, by merging these two companies, our clients will experience the following benefits:

  • The largest team in Australia and New Zealand,
  • The most experienced skill base to look after your system,
  • More product specialists to optimise your system inside and out,
  • Extended support hours thanks to our Trans-Tasman team,

Why MYOB software and support?

MYOB is committed to providing solutions to all Australian and New Zealand businesses, large and small. Each year, they spend more than $45 million on research and development to evolve their technology and better meet the market’s needs. MYOB has a team of over 200 engineers and is positioned to remain the leader in the cloud software (SaaS) market for many years. Australian and New Zealand businesses can gain the advantages of using local software when they use the right MYOB product to manage their finance, operations, payroll, and more. 

Kilimanjaro Consulting prior to the merge

Kilimanjaro Consulting was formed to meet the growing demand for specialist services to plan and manage the implementation and support of business software. From modest beginnings, Kilimanjaro Consulting has become the premier implementer of MYOB Business Management Software in Australia.

Kilimanjaro Consulting was created out of an accounting and management consulting practice and was MYOB’s first Diamond Partner and has retained this status consecutively into 2022 for the seventh year in a row. We have also been awarded Platinum Partner for MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced and proudly accepted the Excellence in Business Development Exo award for the tenth consecutive year.

Enprise Solutions prior to the merge

Enprise Solutions is MYOB’s number one partner in New Zealand. A cloud business software company, Enprise Solutions is the leading New Zealand provider of solutions based on the MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo software platforms. Enprise Solutions supports around 750 MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced customers across New Zealand.

The product now known as MYOB Exo was once called Exonet. Today many of the current Enprise team are drawn from the original Exonet team, who played a large part in developing and implementing what is now MYOB Exo.

As one powerful coherent operation, the Kilimanjaro Consulting team looks forward to continuing and enhancing our services to you.  As your business partner of choice, we thank you and look forward to working hard for you as always. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact –  

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