Comparing ERP Packages: Pronto

Comparing MYOB Exo with Pronto

Pronto is an integrated on-premise and cloud-based business enterprise solution designed for finance, sales and operations.

The Pros: What Pronto does well

  • Desktop application available
  • Can add competencies depending on business need
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Can host on dedicated or shared infrastructure
  • Browser-enabled
  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Australia-owned with detailed local knowledge
  • Solid warehouse management functionality
  • Superior POS integrations
  • Readily supports large number of users
  • Modules consolidate and integrate well-making use more intuitive
  • Robust cash flow management functionality
  • Service team offer specialised consulting services
  • Able to be configured easily
  • Centralised and local support team
  • Capability to scale as business grows
  • Integrates with Cognos BI

The Cons: Where Pronto could do better

  • No mobile application available
  • Relatively expensive
  • Future investment may be limited due to size of business
  • Implementation costs can be high
  • Privately held company with limited number of customers
  • Modular pricing – unlikely to get away with entry-level functionality and would require additional modules

Pronto is suited to:

  • Medium-sized business with a specific focus on retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution

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