MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo User Groups

Meet the MYOB Experts, Connect with other users, and Share your experiences

This is your opportunity to meet the experts, connect with other users, and share your MYOB experiences at face-to-face events this March! New locations have been added – register now and attend the MYOB User Groups in your city.

The MYOB User Groups are hosting live, in-person events

You can now attend the MYOB User Groups across four locations, thanks to the return of their in-person events.

The sessions include:

  • a keynote presentation,
  • tips and tricks for your MYOB software,
  • industry and product updates,
  • an in-depth demonstration,
  • and the chance to meet and learn from other users and experts.

Why should you attend the MYOB User Groups?

There is always more to learn about the software at your organisation’s core. You never know what gaps you have in your knowledge until you hear how others have optimised their systems. At the MYOB User Groups, the panel of experts will explore different strategies to accelerate efficiency within your organisation. The efficient and optimal use of your MYOB Enterprise Software is just one step in driving automation. There are countless ways to streamline your processes, take the pressure off your team, and move ahead of your competition.

Join the MYOB User Groups, in-person or online

Whether you attend in-person or online, the MYOB User Groups will deliver high-value content and in-depth software demonstrations. However, the ability to meet and connect with other users and experts is unparalleled at the in-person User Groups. You will have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the top minds in MYOB’s Enterprise software and pick their brains to understand your own software better. Each in-person session is one of a kind and will not be recorded. Do not miss the knowledge shared at your local event.

The User Groups are only held twice a year, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your ERP system.

Revisit past User Groups events below.

March 2023 – Automate! Accelerate Efficiency

In March 2023, the User Groups sessions focussed on the theme Automate! Accelerate Efficiency. The desire to eliminate inefficiency drives the entire concept of automation. Adopting an ‘automation mindset’ unlocks your competitive edge and advances your digital transformation. These sessions discussed how you could accelerate your processes, accelerate your development, and accelerate efficiency – with automation.

September 2022 – Inovate! Embrace Change

In September 2022, the User Groups sessions focused on the theme Innovate! Embrace Change. Innovation itself begins with the desire to change, recognising that it could be done better and finding a new way to make things happen. The sessions discussed how you could stay ahead of the competition by reframing how your organisation defines innovation and embraces the behaviour of change within your MYOB Business management system.

March 2022- Seizing the Advantage

The March 2022 User Groups Focused on Seizing the Advantage of your Business Management System so that your organisation can get the most out of your software. With a focus on digital experience and maintaining your competitive and technological advantage in your market through building a unified business across finance, accounting, payroll, and workforce management systems.

September 2021 – Connected Business: Real-Time Insights

The focus was on data-driven insights so that you and your team can make informed and intelligent decisions in real-time. Uncover new product and service offerings by gaining a better understanding of your market, and improving the visibility of your operations through up-to-date analysis of your data.

March 2021 – Connected Business: Complete Control

The March 2021 User Groups discussed how you can leverage your ERP, whether that be MYOB Advanced or MYOB Exo, to gain Complete Control. Complete Control focuses on taking your finance and administration systems to a whole new level. Embrace system features and integrations designed to increase control while simplifying processes and supporting your governance and compliance objectives. Empower employees to make informed decisions while improving visibility over your operations.

September 2020 – Connected Business: Experiences that Matter

Creating Experiences that Matter for both your customers and staff can:

  • Transform the sales and service process, improve the way you work with customers and partners,
  • Recognise and deliver to customer needs faster and more effectively,
  • Establish visibility over complex processes to optimise and adapt to changing business needs,
  • Eliminate slow and costly reporting by including finance in every aspect of your operation

March 2020 – Connected Business: Empower your Workforce

A workforce that is empowered by your Business Management System means:

  • Resources can be deployed onto more strategic tasks, thanks to the automation of manual processes,
  • The team can work with the right information at the right time, leading to better decision making
  • You can get more out of your team, who are engaged and supported to perform at their best

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