Comparing ERP Packages: Sage 300

Comparing MYOB Exo with Sage 300

Sage 300 is an integrated, on-premise or cloud-based business enterprise solution designed for finance and operations.

The Pros: What Sage 300 does well

  • Modern web-based interface
  • Design and capabilities can be readily customised
  • Strong financial management tools and processes
  • Highly Adaptable for finance and operations
  • Unified business intelligence and reporting provides access to data anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful analysis improves decision making
  • Real-time management of warehouse inventory
  • Enables multiple geographies and users with multi-currency and language translation functionality
  • Enables multiple functions to be managed concurrently
  • Integrated functions encourages collaboration and sharing of information
  • Enables centralised management of resources, products and services
  • Quick start guides make it easy for users to adopt
  • Customer relationship management can be integrated
  • Total cost of ownership can be controlled
  • Automated workflows improve business controls

The Cons: Where Sage 300 could do better

  • Does not readily accommodate localised use
  • The modular approach means that additional modules may be additional or not yet available
  • Customisation and drill-down reporting could be improved
  • Crystal reporting is used
  • Limited use of widgets in dashboard
  • Integrating through SDK may be difficult and expensive
  • Fulfils utilising batch processing
  • Internal innovation is limited as Sage focuses on acquiring new products

Sage is suited to:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses

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