Vision K Assets – Fixed Asset Management

Powerful asset management add-on to boost the functionality of MYOB Exo Business.

Vision K Assets is a comprehensive fixed assets solution that can be integrated into MYOB Exo or operated standalone. Pain-free and accurate asset management is incredibly important for organisations that rely on these assets to generate revenue. Vision K Assets reduces maintenance costs, prevents downtime, and increases profitability and accounting accuracy.

If your business needs to track fixed assets for accounting purposes, such as vehicles, machinery, hardware or office equipment, Vision K Assets is an ideal solution. Vision K Assets expands upon and has more features compared to MYOB Exo’s Fixed Assets module, including:

  • asset purchase
  • location and tracking
  • maintenance, including forecasting and reporting
  • options for automatic depreciation calculation
  • disposal and partial disposal
  • asset revaluation
  • enhanced reporting
  • built-in user guide

Key features of Vision K Assets

Vision K Assets is available in Standard and Professional versions. Functionality included in both the Standard and Professional version are:

  • Automatic depreciation calculations for your asset register,
  • Seamless integration into MYOB Exo Business,
  • Multi-level locations as part of a configurable location hierarchy – set up multiple branches with multiple sub-locations,
  • Drag and drop functionality to transfer assets between locations,
  • Multiple different asset types: Fixed asset, leased asset, operated asset, specified leased, budget asset, and tracked asset,
  • Multiple different depreciation methods: Diminishing value, Diminishing equal, Straight line, Estimate life, Unit production, Unit depreciation,
  • The ability to make corrections, such as changing the capital value or cumulative depreciation values,
  • Transaction tracking, including notes against the asset,
  • A quantity field per asset to account for partial disposals,
  • A detailed built-in user guide to make asset management in VisionK Assets as streamlined as possible.

Additional functionality of Professional version

The Professional version of Vision K Assets is a maintenance and asset management system in one – with true integration into MYOB Exo Business.

  • Unlimited number of books, including books in multiple currencies,
  • Parent Child asset groups,
  • Define asset depreciation periods (including daily if required),
  • Extra user-defined fields, roles, and restrictions,
  • Maintenance records and schedules, plus maintenance forecasting,
  • Create debtor invoice from disposal,

Benefits over MYOB Exo Fixed Assets

Vision K Assets has a number of improvements and advantages over the MYOB Exo Fixed Assets module:

  • Make corrections to capital and accumulated depreciation,
  • Superior reporting – can backdate and run reports for historical periods,
  • Process disposals, adjustments, or changes in bulk,
  • Forecast depreciation schedules,
  • Set low NBV value assets to fully depreciated,
  • A Year-End revaluation function,
  • Choice of 6 depreciation methods instead of 2 in MYOB Exo Fixed Assets,
  • Track changes to asset details and all associated transactions,
  • 2 levels of account groups/categories,
  • Maintenance scheduling functionality (Professional edition only), including maintenance reporting.

Integration with MYOB Exo Business

Vision K Assets is purpose-built with MYOB Exo integration in mind. It can be run from inside your MYOB Exo SQL database for the tightest possible integration. This means that the MYOB Exo General Ledger and GL accounts will always be reconciled with Vision K Assets. It also means that you can write Clarity reports based on information in Vision K Assets, as the data is readily available within your MYOB Exo database.

“Our organisation has used Vision K Assets to manage our fixed asset register for many years. 
This package is incredibly well supported with regular upgrades available to meet continual developments in technology.  Any queries we have are responded to remarkably promptly affording us a very high level of confidence. 

Month end depreciation, additions, disposals and revaluation adjustment transactions are posted directly to our general ledger with ease and accuracy.  This is a real time-saver for our organisation and maintains the integrity of our financial system.” 

 Gaye Forster, Manager of Finance & Administration, New Zealand Artificial Limb Service 

About Vision K

As part of the Kilimanjaro Consulting stable, Vision K is a local developer of MYOB Exo-specific add-on solutions. They are MYOB Exo development experts and excel in creating custom solutions to extend the functionality of the system.

The Vision K suite includes other add-on products specifically built for MYOB Exo:

  • Vision K Assets – powerful fixed asset functionality
  • Vision K Xeno Import – import scheduling and automatic reconciliation
  • Vision K Xeno API – connect MYOB Exo to any third-party application

To find out how Vision K Assets can benefit your organisation, email or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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