Vision K Xeno API – seamless integrations for MYOB Exo

Connect applications, databases, systems and more to MYOB Exo Business in real-time.

The Vision K Xeno API is a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) built to facilitate the flow of data between MYOB Exo Business and other applications, databases, and systems. An API is critical for integration and real-time data flow; it acts as the translator between the different languages and processes that independent systems use to store and manipulate data.

Key features of Vision K Xeno API

Vision K Xeno API has been built with four groups of endpoints. Each endpoint is a function that the API can accommodate in both MYOB Exo and the integrated system. These range from “Creating a Sales Order” to “Fetching a Creditor Invoice” or “Executing a SQL query.” Vision K Xeno API can be built out with additional endpoints if required.


Create sales orders, debtors, payments, etc., in MYOB Exo with information from the third-party system.


Trigger specific SQL functions in your core underlying MYOB Exo database – this means one integrated system can update another via the Vision K Xeno API.


Modify details of existing entries in your database


Return information from MYOB Exo to see live, updated data in your third-party system.

These groups of endpoints allow a two-way flow of data between your third-party systems and MYOB Exo. Vision K Xeno API can update and recall information, always keeping both systems up to date with real-time information. Because of the depth of integration, Vision K Xeno API can action endpoints for Extra Fields in MYOB Exo. Furthermore, it can use relevant information in MYOB Exo to fill in the blanks, eliminating incomplete entries and maintaining a completely updated integration.

Benefits of Vision K Xeno API

Integration is one of the key drivers for success and digital transformation in MYOB Exo. It allows you to extend the capability of your system and achieve things you would not otherwise be able to.

Vision K Xeno API means that you can build a connected software ecosystem from which you can manage your entire organisation. Use industry or function-specific add-on applications with full data flow into MYOB Exo. Vision K Xeno API allows you to retrieve lists, single items or run searches to find the data you want for your application. It allows you to post new documents into the MYOB Exo database and, under certain circumstances, also allows the updating of that data.

Any Vision K Xeno API integrations can move with you into the cloud if you explore options like ExoHosted for MYOB Exo. Similar to ExoHosted, Vision K Xeno API is an on-premise solution hosted in the cloud, and the integration remains compatible.

Why Vision K Xeno API instead of MYOB Exo’s API?

The default MYOB Exo API was built for the Exo OntheGo product. It works well in that specific situation; however, the endpoints were not created with any other applications in mind. As a result, the API is not flexible enough to ensure robust integration with the wider range of databases, applications, and systems that you may need to integrate into MYOB Exo.

Vision K Xeno API is highly configurable, and additional endpoints can be built out as required. It can cover your other integration requirements so you can maintain MYOB Exo as a single source of truth for your organisation.

About Vision K 

As part of the Kilimanjaro stable, Vision K is a local developer of MYOB Exo-specific add-on solutions. They are MYOB Exo development experts and excel in creating custom solutions to extend the functionality of the system. 

The Vision K suite includes other add-on products specifically built for MYOB Exo:

  • Vision K Assets – powerful fixed asset functionality
  • Vision K Xeno Import – import scheduling and automatic reconciliation
  • Vision K Xeno API – connect MYOB Exo to any third-party application

To find out how Vision K Xeno API can benefit your organisation, email or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ). 

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