Are you tired of costly on-premise server maintenance?

Move your data to the cloud to reduce your server maintenance expenses

MYOB Exo is a sophisticated server-based ERP that can fully integrate your financial and business management data. The software has been deployed in over 3000 mid-tier organisations across Australia and New Zealand, and they have benefitted from the typically lower cost to implement compared to other mid-market ERP packages. However, the requirement to constantly maintain your on-premise server can be costly in the long-term. This can turn what was initially a well-priced solution, into a financial liability.

The good and bad of an on-premise server

Managing an on-premise server necessitates oversight of the following factors:

  • The server hardware itself
  • A server operating system, such as Microsoft Small Business Server
  • A database software component, like Microsoft SQL
  • Power and running costs of the server room
  • Updates and backups to the systems and data held on your server
  • Maintaining anti-virus protection

These costs are typically justified for companies who:

  • Require deep integration with other on-premise or cloud based systems
  • Struggle with a poor internet connection
  • Have very specific functional requirements that a SaaS solution cannot fill
  • Have security concerns hosting their data in the cloud
  • Have existing and current I.T. infrastructure that can be utilised

However, with the increasing robustness of not only internet connections, but the security of hosting your data in the cloud, many businesses are no longer specifically required to have an on-premise server. Moving data to the cloud saves costs in the long term, not only by freeing up the capital investment spent on building and maintaining a local server, but removing the risks of server downtime, and long term system maintenance.

Alternative options

MYOB Advanced is a powerful mid-market ERP, based in the cloud as a fully SaaS solution. It can give your business access to your data anywhere, anytime without the costs of server maintenance. Your data is stored and managed securely in Australia by Amazon Web Services (AWS). MYOB Advanced has a robust API that allows integration with many different Connected Services. Allowing the two way flow of information lets your business operate with a single source of truth for your data. This flexibility and accessibility come together in a convenient monthly subscription, rather than the inconsistent financial and labour costs that come with maintaining a server.

ExoHosted is a complementary option for MYOB Exo. It gives you the same flexible access to your MYOB Exo database, without needing to implement a new ERP. Your data is migrated onto an offsite location, and can be securely accessed through a web browser. This is a good option for those who still require the specific fit and function of MYOB Exo; where upgrading to MYOB Advanced may be inappropriate given your business’ needs at this time.

How can software solutions improve real businesses?

The Arcadia Corporation successfully transitioned into the cloud and achieved a single, efficient platform from which they now manage Accounts, Inventory Management and CRM. Moving from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced improved functionality and provided end-to-end management of its products. Additionally, integrations with their core business management system enhanced visibility and simplified reporting for the finance and sales teams.

Learn more about the real benefits of moving your organisation into the cloud by reading the case study here. 

When you are ready to move to the cloud, our friendly team can help you. Email or call us on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ) to learn more.

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