How to leverage a flexible, multi-dimensional approval process

Streamline your approval workflows without compromising team effectiveness.

MYOB Exo is a sophisticated ERP system that can fully integrate your financial and business management data. The software has been deployed in over 3000 mid-tier organisations across Australia and New Zealand. These companies have benefitted from the typically lower cost to implement compared to other mid-market ERP packages.

As your business continues to grow, every purchasing decision and every bill paid becomes more complex. Compliance requirements also start to kick in. This means that these once simple processes now require approval. As more people and processes become involved in your business, you need extra oversight to confirm that everything is progressing correctly. While adding in approval steps seem like a good idea, in theory, they can easily slow your work down as the approver neglects or misses an approval requirement.

You may be struggling to build meaningful workflows and approval pathways into your processes in MYOB Exo. Workflows and approval pathways can become murky or even be ignored. Having access to a system that properly supports your complex approval requirements can streamline this process without compromising processing speed.

How can I streamline my approval process?

MYOB Advanced is a SaaS ERP solution built to add additional security to your system. It allows roles, permissions, authorities, and auditability to suit any organisation. With tightly configured approval maps, and the ability to automate your manual processes, you will move towards verifying completed work. This will remove the opportunity for fraud and decrease system errors.

Automated Approval Maps

Approval maps can be created across the MYOB Advanced system. The status will change to pending approval at certain stages, such as creating a Purchase Order or AP Bill. Based on the flow of the approval map, MYOB Advanced will automatically email specific individuals who have permission to make approvals. MYOB Advanced is flexible and configurable. These maps can be specifically configured based on what is being approved and the stage of the process. To further protect your approval pathways, you can use Two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure that only the approver with the correct access is making the decisions. This gives you complete control over your AP security.

Approval is simple and straightforward. MYOB Advanced automatically emails the responsible approver, who receives a link straight through to the item in question, where they can approve with a simple click. Items can also be approved from the MYOB Advanced app, making it easier than ever to streamline your processes.

How can software solutions improve real businesses?

The Arcadia Corporation successfully transitioned into the cloud and achieved a single, efficient platform from which they now manage Accounts, Inventory Management and CRM. Moving from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced improved functionality and provided end-to-end management of its products. Additionally, integrations with their core business management system enhanced visibility and simplified reporting for the finance and sales teams.

Learn more about the real benefits of moving your organisation into the cloud by reading the case study here. 

To begin your journey with MYOB Advanced or learn more about how it can streamline your approval process, email us at or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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