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Built-in assistance for your system, from your system.

MYOB Advanced Business has been designed to help your business become more efficient. A system with a depth of functionality like MYOB Advanced can naturally be quite complex. While you may have been trained in some functions, it can take years to fully understand the entire platform. If at any time you need some guidance, MYOB has incorporated a help button to help you solve some problems yourself. Before checking with support, see if you can find the solution in the Help menus within MYOB Advanced.

Try clicking the question mark button, located in the top right-hand corner of any screen.

MYOB Advanced Help Section Feature

The help is context-sensitive, so the specific help information displayed depends on the working area you are in when you click on the help.  There are 2 main areas of help. These are:

Help Dashboard

The Help dashboard is the main navigation page for help in MYOB Advanced.  You can search for help or use the guide card to open the guide on the topic you have selected.

MYOB Advanced Help Dashboard Feature

Once the Guide card is clicked, the relevant information will be displayed with clickable topics listed. Similarly, each chapter of the guide can be clicked for further information.

MYOB Advanced Navigate Help Dashboard

The topic view button can be used to navigate to the necessary topics and chapters or back to the main Dashboard.

Form-Specific Help Menu

Form-Specific Help is accessed by clicking on the Help button while viewing any of the forms. When you click on the help button, a list of topics is displayed related to the form you were working in.  The help screen displayed overlaps the current form.

MYOB Advanced Form Specific Help Menu

This context-based help screen is extremely powerful and is broken into 4 sections.  As shown above, this consists of procedures, concepts, form references, and links back to the main Help Dashboard. Once a topic has been clicked, a new window will be displayed with the Help selected. The form reference describes the technical attributes of each relevant field.

MYOB Advanced Topic Help Dashboard
MYOB Advanced Topic Summary Help Dashboard

You can use the help topic view button to display form reference pages in the context tree. The context-based help search enables the user to easily find information on the topic required. All information is available within a few clicks of the original form or screen.  No more searching cumbersome help pages or even printed manuals. The help tab can be closed at any time.

Use the Export button on the help screen to export the text of the help document, which can be used as the basis for your own company reference or training manuals.

MYOB - Cash Account Configuration

MYOB Advanced is the fastest growing cloud-based ERP system in Australia and New Zealand. For more information on how it can support your organisation and improve your efficiency, contact us by emailing, or by calling 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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