MYOB Exo Business Report Writing

Sharpen your report writing skills in MYOB Exo Business.

About the course

The Exo Business Report Writing course provides the skills and knowledge to modify existing and creating new reports. It consists of four modules, which provide the skills and knowledge to modify existing and develop new reports and forms using the Clarity Report Writer as well as modifying and creating new General Ledger reports using the GL Report Writer.

Course Duration

3 days to complete the full course

  • ½ day GL Report Writer
  • ½ day Introduction to Clarity
  • 1 day Intermediate Clarity Report Writing
  • 1 day Advance Clarity Report Writing


  • Headstart Module 1: Getting Started or equivalent
  • Basic MYOB Exo Business navigational skills
  • Participants should be able to operate a computer using Microsoft Windows
  • The Introduction to Clarity module must be completed prior to attending the Clarity Intermediate Report Writing module
  • The Intermediate Clarity Report Writing module must be completed prior to attending the Advanced Clarity Report Writing module
  • Basic SQL knowledge is recommended when attending the Advanced Clarity Report Writing module.

Who should attend

You should complete this course if you:

  • Already use MYOB Exo Business in your business
  • Are a “super user” of MYOB Exo Business
  • Would like to take a more hands-on approach to modify your existing forms and reports
  • Would like to develop simple forms and reports for your own business

Course Outline

  • GL Report Writer
  • Introduction to Clarity
  • Intermediate Clarity Report Writing
  • Advanced Clarity Report Writing

GL Report Writer

  • Identify the components of the GL Report Writer
  • Add columns and rows to an existing General Ledger report
  • Create a new General Ledger report
  • Set up GL Report Batches
  • Run GL Report Batches

Introduction to Clarity

  • Understand how databases are structured
  • Identify different types of joins for database tables
  • Identify key MYOB Exo Business tables that are used in reports
  • Locate and identify Clarity forms and reports for editing
  • Identify the Clarity report writing tabs and how each is used
  • Use Clarity toolbars to apply basic formatting techniques such as:
  • Insert logos and other graphics
  • Change text fields.
  • Apply fonts and formatting
  • Incorporate system variables

This module is a prerequisite for Intermediate Clarity Report Writing

Intermediate Clarity Report Writing

  • Link MYOB Exo Business database tables
  • Add fields into existing reports
  • Develop new reports using Clarity
  • Group and sort data in reports
  • Configure run-time parameters
  • Create Clarity templates for GL Reports
  • Add custom reports to menus

This module is a prerequisite for Advanced Clarity Report Writing.

Advanced Clarity Report Writing

  • Develop complex data pipelines
  • Create SQL Views to create reports
  • Code basic Event Control (special/conditional formatting)
  • Create Sub-reports that allow easy drill-down into more details
  • Convert Clarity Reports into Dashboards (widgets)

Course Costs

Costs vary depending on the delivery method. Contact our Training Team to discuss the delivery options available to you.


Visit Training Course Outline to find a date that suits you, otherwise please feel free to fill out the contact form below or call us on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ) or email us on for any further enquiries.

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