MYOB Exo Tips and Tricks

MYOB Exo Tips and Tricks straight from the MYOB experts

MYOB Exo Business software suite is a fully featured, on-premise or hosted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management solution for your growing business. It is purpose-built for the Australian and New Zealand markets to help you run every aspect of your business all in one place.

As your MYOB Exo experts, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your software. MYOB Exo is a robust and complex system with under-utilised functionality waiting to be unlocked. Kilimanjaro Consulting strives to educate our clients about MYOB Exo – so they can become self-sufficient and confident in their system. Our team of experts have combined their expertise to provide you with some MYOB Exo tips and tricks to improve your business processes and utilise the full potential of your MYOB Software.

6. Setting up a Mailshot in MYOB Exo

The Mailshot function in MYOB Exo allows you to send or print documents in bulk. Processing and extracting all of these documents at the same time relieves your administration team from the burden of individual downloads. Combined with the contact and account information already available within MYOB Exo, you can automatically merge details to streamline the sending process.

Follow these simple steps to set up a Mailshot in MYOB Exo.

5. Business Alerts in MYOB Exo

Business Alerts provide increased control and visibility for various business processes in MYOB Exo Business. They can trigger pop-up notifications and other system actions based on pre-set rules. Business alerts can be extremely useful to prevent certain actions or transactions from being saved to the account if they do not meet certain criteria. They enable automatic user-level oversight and ensure transactions have the correct information and requirements stored. You can choose to simply track the process or even prevent further action or the saving of new information.

Learn more about setting up Business Alerts.

4. In-app messaging and disconnecting users

In previous versions of MYOB Exo, when you had several users logged into the system, it would be difficult to communicate critical information without relying on external applications. When compounded with time-sensitive actions such as a monthly rollover, inefficient team communication can create confusion and unnecessary stress.

Updating MYOB Exo to version 2021.4 allows sending broadcast messages to users across your system. This update also provides administrators with the ability to disconnect users forcefully. Communicating effectively and clearing your system for important tasks gives you more control over MYOB Exo, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Discover how to use in-app message and disconnecting users in MYOB Exo

3. Harnessing the power of job costing

MYOB Exo Job Costing is an additional integrated module of MYOB Exo Business. The MYOB Job Costing module helps you manage the profitability of your jobs and projects in real-time by providing direct visibility of all your inputs, processes, and costs. With the integration into MYOB Exo Business, your General Ledger is also kept up to date with information from every project, removing the need for manual data re-entry and making your team more efficient.

As with any part of MYOB Exo, the Job Costing module can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs. MYOB Exo Business Job Costing module receives regular updates to ensure your organisation can take advantage of added functionality to improve efficiency.

Better manage your projects with the MYOB Exo Job Costing Module.

2. Leverage Extra Fields in MYOB Exo

Because every business is unique, it is a common requirement for companies to want to capture specific, non-standard data. This is where utilising Extra Fields comes in. You can customise specific screens so that your team has the information they need in the places they need it. Collecting this extra information helps you to better understand your customers and speeds up internal processes.

Extra Field customisations have seen continuous improvement over the journey of MYOB Exo. These additions, including the most recent in version 2021.3, will give you the flexibility to efficiently collect the data your team needs.

Learn to utilise Extra Fields in MYOB Exo

1. Improved deposit management in MYOB Exo

Deposits are a key step in ensuring you get paid on time and in full. They also help to bolster your cash flow and remove some of the risks of not getting paid. Until recently, managing deposits in your MYOB Exo Business system was difficult and a cause of frustration. See how the improved deposit management functionality provides greater flexibility, usability, and accuracy when managing deposit payments.

Discover how to improve cash flow with deposit management in MYOB Exo

Enhance your MYOB software with these quick tips

We want to ensure all MYOB Exo users are making the most out of their software. In addition to the MYOB Support and Training that we provide, we have put together some quick tips and tricks so you can upskill yourself in a matter of minutes!

Quick tips and tricks in MYOB Exo: Part 1

Quick tips and tricks in MYOB Exo: Part 2

Stay up to date with the latest MYOB Exo features

MYOB Exo has a long and rich history, from its early days as ExoNet to the latest releases. Each version adds new features and functions to your already robust system. The newest update to the software will always give you benefits over the older versions. Added functionality may be as simple as an improved workflow, a new widget, a tidier report, or more complex functionality like Bank Feeds. Access to these features is included in your Annual Licence Fee (ALF), so you are missing out on added value by not keeping your system current. Regularly updating your software ensures your team maintains a reliable, powerful platform to suit your organisation for years.

Join the MYOB Exo User Groups community

There is always more to learn about MYOB Exo, and you never know what gaps you have in your knowledge until you hear how others have optimised their systems. The MYOB Exo User Groups sessions are a great opportunity to meet, connect, and share experiences with fellow MYOB Exo users and experts. As proud sponsors of the MYOB User Groups, our expert team of consultants is ready to share their knowledge and answer any questions you may have about your systems. Look at the Previous Events archive to learn about the User Group forums. Take advantage of the lessons learned in previous MYOB User Groups to get a head start on the upcoming sessions.

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