Comparing ERP Packages: SAP Business One

Comparing MYOB Exo with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an integrated, web and cloud-based business enterprise solution designed for sales, finance and operations.

The Pros: What SAP Business One does well

  • Brand has longevity and significant international presence
  • The product is mature and of high quality
  • Large number of users worldwide with comprehensive local support
  • Effortless user experience
  • Significant resources are available to support and develop the product
  • Large network of software solution partners
  • Product can scale as business grows by upgrading to SAP Business by Design and SAP Business All In One
  • Integrated solution covering a range of services including sales, CRM, finance, purchasing, operations, inventory, distribution and reporting
  • CRM integrates with Microsoft Outlook and tracks customers from initial contact through to warranty claims
  • Information and reports are available in real-time
  • Can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud
  • Access to some functionality is available on the SAP Business One mobile application
  • Can run on either SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL Server platforms
  • Supports 27 languages and 41 country-specific versions
  • Online help function is contextual
  • Key accounting processes are automated
  • Inventory levels can be synchronised in real-time with goods receipts
  • Reporting can be customised for a range of settings
  • Workflow-based alerts

The Cons: Where SAP Business One could do better:

  • May be expensive, timely and complex to implement
  • Australia-specific financial and reporting functionality may be lacking and changes not implemented quickly
  • Crystal reports may be too complex for some users to use effectively
  • Multi-currency transactions are only supported through SAP HANA.
  • Microsoft SQL version is really only designed for US companies
  • Inventory management and finance modules are rich in functionality but can be difficult to navigate and use

SAP Business One is suited to:

  • Small and medium businesses or subsidiaries of larger companies in a range of industries including construction, engineering, FMCG, food and beverage, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, primary industries, telecommunications and not-for-profit

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