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ezyCollect is debtor management software that takes care of chasing overdue debtors, based on the information in MYOB software, ensuring you get paid faster.

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Are you tired of manually chasing overdue debtors and spending precious time on tasks that could be automated? 

Streamline your invoice-to-payment process, reclaim valuable administration time, enhance customer relationships, and have more cash with which to run and grow your business with ezyCollect. ezyCollect is an all-in-one accounts recievable solution that seamlessly integrates with your MYOB ERP.

Tick Streamlined payments and processing
Meet customers where they are and provide a streamlined payment experience, with convenient payment options that makes it easy for them to pay you so you get paid easily
Tick Improve productivity and efficiency
Achieve more with automation designed to take care of the routine AR tasks – from collections to payments application, so your team can focus on running and growing your business
Tick Debtor transparency
AR dashboards gives you a company-wide view of money owing, or drill into each customer’s account to get the details
Tick Recover your money, faster
Slash your overdue debtor days with a disciplined collections system that teaches your customers to pay on time
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“50% reduction in our overdue accounts
in just 3 months! Wow!”

I am so impressed with ezyCollect!! I used to spend hours chasing outstanding invoices, which was time-consuming and frustrating. I can set the system up to communicate with our customers any way I like and the email & sms reminders even have a payment link so the customers can pay their invoice with the click of a button…too easy!”



All Plans Include:
Tick Smooth integration with MYOB ERP systemsTick Automated thank-you notes
Tick Pre-designed, visually appealing collection email templatesTick Access to on-demand legal letters
Tick Automated workflows and reminders for collectionsTick Streamlined debt collection escalation process
Tick User-friendly template editorTick Dashboard and analytics for credit reporting
Tick Convenient consolidated remindersTick Automated scheduling of statements
Tick Ability to pause and exclude specific customersTick Dynamic filters for efficient data reporting
Tick Instant single-click credit checksTick Automatic escalation for legal matters
Tick Automatic attachment of invoices and statementsTick Tracking and reporting of communications
Tick Integrated online payment platformsTick Automated postal mail services

Top features for MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo users

  • Choose which debtor contacts receive different types of automated communications
  • Personalise and customise reminders so they always look and sound like your business
  • Exclude the customers you do not want to chase
  • Add ‘Pay Now’ links in Sales Orders and Invoices
  • A payment portal for every customer lets them self-serve to view download, and pay all invoices online.
  • Credit card payments are automatically allocated to your debtors ledger
  • B2B Pay Later lets customers buy now and pay back in easy instalments
  • Setup Payment Plans to accept recurring/subscription or instalment payments
  • Automated payment allocation 
  • You can be up and running in a few days. ezyCollect works closely with Kilimanjaro Consulting to seamlessly integrate with your MYOB Enterprise software.

Learn how GoTransit transformed their cash flow with ezyCollect

GoTransit integrated ezyCollect as part of their MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) implementation. The integration of automated Accounts Receivable processes cut down on manual work and improved experience for customers. Read More

Online payments made easy – Simplypaid

Chasing overdue invoices and managing complicated payment processes can waste significant time for your team. When it comes to getting paid making the process as efficient as possible for your customers is also important.

Experience a seamless process that transforms your Sales Orders and Invoices into powerful payment collection tools with ezyCollect’s Simplypaid portal. No more waiting for cheques or dealing with complex methods. The ‘Pay Now’ button integrated into your invoices streamlines payments, allowing debtors to settle invoices online with just one click.

By making it easier for your customers to pay, funds roll in quicker than ever. Now, you can focus on growing your business without the stress of overdue payments looming overhead.

The benefits for you:

  • All open invoices are displayed in one plays and debtors receive alerts for anything overdue
  • Allows debtors to pay multiple invoices in a single transaction
  • Less administration time as payments are collected in bulk
  • Payments made online are allocated to MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo

The benefits for your debtors:

  • The convenience of a 24/7 self-service payment checkout
  • Ability to pay via Card, Bank Transfer, or Direct Debit
  • Send invoice queries directly from within the portal
  • Access to their transaction history with you

For more information about ezyCollect, download their brochure from the side panel.

Free Webinar | How to improve cashflow and Accounts Receivable efficiency

Managing cashflow should be a top priority for any thriving business. Cashflow relies on getting paid on time and in full. Spending valuable time chasing overdue payments, fretting over client reliability, and posting and reconciling payments hinders potential growth.

Watch our webinar recording to discover how integrating innovative accounts receivable solutions can relieve your cashflow headache.

To find out how ezyCollect can benefit your organisation, email sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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