ezyCollect New Feature Release: Activity Write Back

Systems that talk to each other, eliminating the manual labour for you.

ezyCollect can now log its activity within MYOB Exo. Activity Write Back is a new premium feature for Kilimanjaro clients to provide a more centralised 360-degree view of the customer.

What is Activity Write Back?

This feature allows ezyCollect to log any automated or manual debtor communications and notes as entries in each Debtor’s History Notes within MYOB Exo. MYOB Exo users will now see a record of ezyCollect’s activity, previously only accessible by logging into ezyCollect. While your ezyCollect updates will run on its usual sync time, write-backs to MYOB Exo occur almost instantly.

In Exo, the ezyCollect’s entry includes a description of the communication activity or note, a timestamp of when it was sent from ezyCollect, the user responsible for the action, and a copy of the message body.
ezyCollect will write back to MYOB Exo to record the following communications between ezyCollect and your debtors and debt collection partners:

  • Pre-reminders
  • New invoices
  • 1st to 6th follow-ups via any communication format
  • Email the customer confirming the phone call
  • Monthly Statement
  • Manually added communications
  • Thank you email
  • Demand letter activated
  • Debt collector activated
  • Messages received via the Simplypaid chat service

ezyCollect will also log any notes from the system:

  • Debtor status change (paused/reactivated)
  • Invoices excluded/included
  • Error email (bounce back)
  • Manually inputted notes

Please note that once Activity Write Back is enabled for your service, ezyCollect will not record a backlog of communications; it only records the communications sent when the Activity Write Back feature is enabled.

Things to note

If a communication or note has been deleted in ezyCollect, it will not delete the activity in MYOB Exo; it will create a new entry with the subject line ‘DELETED’.

If you don’t see your MYOB Exo file updated immediately, please allow a few minutes for Internet connectivity issues.

MYOB Exo History Notes does not write back to ezyCollect, so continue using ezyCollect as your primary hub for accounts receivable management.

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We believe that add-on products can greatly benefit clients and their businesses. However, you should always consider what the most suited connected services are for you. ezyCollect is a popular and reliable MYOB add-on solution to help you navigate your payment challenges. At Kilimanjaro, we only partner with the most trusted third-party providers. To see the full list of the connected services we recommend for MYOB Exo users, visit our add-on product page here.

Prior to finding suitable add-on products for your business, we encourage you to have a non-obligatory chat with a consultant from our Strategic Account Management & Connected Services Team (SAMACS). The SAMACS team supports Kilimanjaro clients in their efforts to transform and grow by identifying the best solutions and services for clients. 

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