A new industry specific edition: MYOB Advanced Professional Services

MYOB’s purpose-built SaaS solution for large practice management

The Professional Services module is firming as the next industry edition to be released for MYOB Advanced (Acumatica). The purpose-built solution is designed for large accounting practices to get a clearer picture of their business data and make better decisions, not only for themselves but for their clients.

It can be difficult to imagine how significant the increase in efficiency can be from using an industry-specific solution, especially when you have relied on your old processes for so long. There are many benefits to upgrading your system:

  • Enhanced productivity through integration
  • The simplification of your accounting projects
  • Real-time appreciation of your company’s data
  • Viewing your data in an easy-to-consume visual medium
  • Access to an integrated CRM platform to enhance your customer service
  • A cloud-based platform for system access whenever you need it

MYOB Advanced’s Professional Services edition is purpose-built for the professional services industry to streamline its operations. Implementing MYOB Advanced, a cloud-based solution, will increase collaboration and give you the visibility you need to keep projects and budgets on track.

Enhanced productivity through Integration and Automation

As MYOB Advanced is fully integrated across its entire suite of modules, manual data duplication can be eliminated. As more and more mundane processes become automated, you can invest more into providing a richer client experience and place your focus on business development and growth.

Simplify your projects

Track your projects from start to finish, regardless of their complexity. MYOB Advanced Professional Services edition will capture data ranging across budgets, billable hours, and schedules. Working from a single source of truth minimises the mishandling of data and makes sure that everyone in the team is at the same point in the project.

Real-time view of your company

Get the full picture of your company’s billings and expenditures, track employee time, and monitor sub-contractors all in real-time. The integration with the General Ledger allows you to review your budgets accurately and timeously against costs and measure the impact on your bottom line.

Report Visualisation

Being able to see your data represented in a visual medium is more efficient, especially when dealing with complex data. MYOB Advanced can produce dashboards and other visual reports to


Leverage MYOB Advanced’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module to better manage your clients. Track client activity and engagement across your platform, convert new leads to clients, and expand your service offering to existing clients with enhanced client management.

A powerful industry solution based in the cloud

The entire MYOB Advanced platform is cloud-based, giving you absolute flexibility and anywhere, anytime access to your data. Free your business from spreadsheets and manual data duplication and work from a single source of truth with visibility across your entire organisation. MYOB Advanced can cater for the specific needs of a range of other industries, such as:

Professional Services companies should take advantage of the opportunity to implement purpose-built industry solutions, like the MYOB Advanced Professional Services edition, as early as possible to gain a significant advantage over their competition. Working from a single source of truth leads to better collaboration and project management, reducing errors and leading to greater efficiency and profit.

To learn more about the launch of MYOB Advanced Professional Services Edition, read the article here.

MYOB Advanced Tips & Tricks

Having the right help, tools, and knowledge can be the difference between a good and a bad day. We hope that this bank of MYOB Advanced Tips and Tricks provides that helping hand to guide you and your business through minimising errors, saving time, and improving business efficiency.

MYOB Advanced FAQ

MYOB Advanced is a detailed and complex software built for complex Businesses. For more information, our MYOB Advanced Frequently Asked Questions are a good place to start. This section also covers Cloud Accounting and other Software packages.

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