Efficiently onboard, roster, track, and pay your staff in the cloud

Streamline your team management processes with MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management

Onboarding and managing a new team member can be a tedious process. From collecting personal information, signatures, and specific training credentials, there are many steps involved – too many to be done manually without compromising efficiency and accuracy. Missing a critical step may mean that you waste time on complex manual processes or have a lack of insight into how your people are working or how much your labour is costing you. However, you could also be failing to comply with local legislation as well as losing countless opportunities to grow and improve your business with the right team. Without the right people for the job, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve your goals and gives space for your competition to flourish.

If you are successful with team management, your entire organisation starts working more efficiently, meeting compliance requirements, and establishing a platform for profitable growth. The solution is to ensure that the software you use to manage your staff is directly integrated into your General Ledger, Finance, and Payroll systems.

With all your data stored in one platform, you create a single source of truth for your organisation, saving time and money, and boosting your efficiency.

How do I achieve this single source of truth?

The MYOB Advanced platform (powered by Acumatica) allows you to manage your entire organisation and team in the cloud, from onboarding through rostering and time tracking to payroll. Although these responsibilities are typically spread across different teams in your organisation, it is incredibly beneficial to have all this information stored and readily accessible in one system.

By adding the MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management modules into MYOB Advanced Business, you can achieve a single source of truth across your entire organisation, managing everything from onboarding to timesheets, payment, and posting to the General Ledger.


As your organisation continues to grow, onboarding new staff becomes a necessary evil. It is a complex process, involving multiple teams and documents – but it starts your new team member off on the right foot and creates a strong first impression. Give your new starters a smooth transition into your organisation and remove the headaches from onboarding with automation.

With MYOB Advanced Workforce Management as your onboarding system, you can:

  • Digitally send offers and receive signed acceptances – eliminate emails, scans, and hard copies.
  • Ensure new recruits are visible to operations and payroll as soon as HR complete the recruitment with integration to MYOB Advanced Payroll,
  • Give new team members access to submit their personal details, work information, process instructions, and anything else they need to get started.

New onboarding functionality for MYOB Advanced Payroll

MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding is a new, dedicated onboarding solution in the MYOB Advanced Payroll suite. It would suit organisations that do not require enhanced MYOB Advanced Workforce Management functionality. 

If automated onboarding is the last piece of the puzzle for your organisation’s employee management process, MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding have the features you need. Make a strong first impression with a digital-first onboarding experience. Take advantage of the efficiency improvements by collating this information directly into MYOB Advanced Payroll. Reduce the administrative workload on your payroll administration team, who would typically chase paper forms and manually enter details. Everything will be ready and available for the new starter’s first pay run. Onboarding in MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding also maintains compliance requirements. These features prevent employers from defaulting new starters into the employer super fund. It is mandatory for new employees to choose a new fund or select their existing fund.

MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding is currently available as part of an early access program for Australian users only. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this program, getting early access to this new functionality, and providing feedback for further development.
Email sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ) for more information.


Get the right people in the right place for the right job with Smart Roster functionality in MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. The system will factor in staff qualifications, availability, submitted leave, and award limitations to build a roster that gets the most out of your team. Avoid overlapping shifts and the guesswork that comes with manual roster building. Smart Rosters improve the visibility of staffing costs, helping you budget effectively and not overspend on labour, while also allowing shift-swapping and other team flexibility.

Time Tracking

Your team can clock in and clock off with the MYOB Advanced Workforce Management App, instantly submitting their time for the manager’s approval. Digital time tracking avoids the typical problem areas of manual tracking by supplying accurate, real-time data, avoiding rounding errors, cross-checking with the latest roster, and managing award compliance. Face capture and geo-tagging are also available to ensure the right team members are in the right place at the right time. Time and Attendance information is linked to MYOB Advanced Payroll; once a manager has approved the timesheet it can be imported into a pay, and ready for a pay run.

Leave Management

The Leave Management process is efficiently streamlined with the Employee Self-Service functionality of MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. By integrating MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, you can easily manage the entire leave process on one platform. Employees can see their leave balances, pulled in directly from MYOB Advanced Payroll, and make leave requests digitally. Team leaders can view requests as they come in, approve or decline immediately, with the status passed through to payroll, other teams, and even Smart Rosters without any physical paperwork – so your entire organisation can be kept up to date automatically.

Managing Labour Costs

Labour is a costly area of your organisation – and one where it is easy to overspend without the proper oversight. When you integrate payroll data with your General Ledger within MYOB Advanced Business you can get an accurate view of your costs for each individual day. This information can be used to find inefficiencies and reduce costs, as well as forecast profitability and create appropriate staffing plans.

Integration in the Cloud

You already see the benefits of a cloud-based Business Management System, but you do not have to compromise with MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. You will find the same benefit to managing your workforce in the cloud as you would with your company: anytime, anywhere access and secure data storage.

With an integrated workforce management and payroll solution, you can connect processes across your business to ensure payroll can operate efficiently. Integration across the MYOB Advanced platform supports the simple allocation of payroll expenses to various projects and accounts with a single click. When all work details are available through team smartphones, employees are less likely to miss a shift unexpectedly or request a sudden change just before they are scheduled to work. An employee app or web portal is a great way to empower your employees and reduce back-office administration.

Integrated payroll and workforce management software makes your entire team more efficient. By connecting onboarding, annual leave, rostering, time tracking, and delivering serious insight into your labour costs, it helps you save time, lower costs and make better business decisions. It reduces the complexity and time involved with end-to-end people management, so you can focus on growing your organisation. MYOB Advanced Payroll is Single Touch Payroll compliant, including recent updates in Single Touch Payroll Phase 2.

MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management are additional modules of the MYOB Advanced Platform. If you are already using MYOB Advanced Business to manage your organisation’s finances, it is a simple process to add payroll and workforce management to your system. MYOB Advanced is a unified, cloud-based, and accessible platform that provides end to end visibility across your financials, payroll, and team. By using one integrated system to manage your entire organisation you remove the need to duplicate data across different platforms and databases, improving your efficiency and improving your employee experience. You can find the improvement you need to surpass your competition by integrating MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management into your MYOB Advanced platform.

Learn to Manage your People with Modern Payroll and Workforce Management Software

Achieving your organisation’s full potential requires effective and efficient management of your entire team. MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management are designed to improve your human resource management processes, providing a totally integrated and data-driven solution that addresses your critical labour management needs.
Payroll and Workforce Management requirements are complex and vary enormously from organisation to organisation. We will work through a detailed qualification process with you, to establish which elements of your processes the systems can handle and if there are any functional gaps

For more information about Kilimanjaro Consulting or how MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management can improve the efficiency of your business contact us by emailing sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com or call our MYOB consultants on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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