Improve your organisation with better data flow

Leverage data-driven insights from MYOB Advanced Payroll and Workforce Management when integrated with MYOB Advanced Business.

Recent findings show that the right software is critical for your organisation’s growth. While you are already leveraging the power of MYOB Advanced, you can put your company in the best possible position by taking advantage of the entire MYOB Advanced suite.  The data you are collecting in Payroll can be used to make better business decisions and grow your organisation.

The struggles of disconnected systems

Many organisations face the struggles of operating with disconnected systems. With improper payroll practices or systems, you will find your team wasting time and making errors when duplicating data between your different software systems. These mistakes can also leave you open to compliance or fraud problems. With so much manual upkeep, a single mistake could significantly impact your bottom line. Furthermore, disconnected systems are slow and less agile. Your data may be out of date before you see it, leading to poor decision-making.

If you are facing any of the below pain points, consider integrating cloud-based payroll software into MYOB Advanced Business:

  • An inability to manage different pay groups and cycles,
  • No cloud accessibility or an inflexible technology platform,
  • Having to duplicate entries across payroll and finance,
  • No Single Touch Payroll support,
  • Inefficient leave management; no automation available,
  • Manually entering timesheets and manual award interpretation.

Understanding the value of using accurate and timely data to drive your decision-making can set you apart from the competition and create a lasting impact for your team. When information is truly connected across your business, you gain total control of your operations and the insights you need to make the right choices.

What are the benefits of MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management?

MYOB Advanced Payroll, previously known as MYOB Advanced People, is the payroll module of choice for complex Australian and New Zealand organisations. The Workforce Management module is an extension of MYOB Advanced Payroll. Rostering, timesheets, recruitment, and onboarding are all part of the enhanced functionality of MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. There are many benefits to using a modern cloud-based solution to manage your team and pays:

  • Powerful configuration options catering to many employee payment scenarios,
  • Pay and entitlement history recorded and easily accessible,
  • Single Touch Payroll compliant (including Single Touch Payroll Phase 2)
  • MYOB maintains the latest tax rates and thresholds so that you do not have to,
  • Automated processes for rostering, onboarding, and more.

However, perhaps the most significant benefit of all is the integration of MYOB Advanced Payroll and Workforce Management into MYOB Advanced Business (and by extension your General Ledger).

A complete picture of your entire organisation

Managing parts of your payroll via spreadsheets or emails can produce unreliable data. Making decisions that shape the future of your organisation can be catastrophic without access to the right information.

A key aspect of managing your workforce is knowing the costs. Labour is one of the most significant expenses for any organisation. Without oversight of your exact staffing costs, it is easy to overspend and eat into your profits. The integration between MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, MYOB Advanced Payroll, and MYOB Advanced Business creates a singular source of truth for all data across your organisation. Timesheets information can flow straight through to payroll and pay information can be (securely) posted directly to the General Ledger. By upgrading to MYOB Advanced Payroll you can minimise the wasted time spent duplicating your data across independent systems.

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management can also create dashboard views of hours worked and average costs when compared to sales or productivity data for the same period. These insights can help you forecast profitability and find ways to reduce costs or eliminate inefficiencies. When you can see your staffing, rostering, and payroll data, you get a robust, accurate view of your labour costs every single day. And, when this information flows back to your General Ledger, you can improve the overall visibility of every cost that goes into effectively managing your operations.

MYOB Advanced is a unified, cloud-based, and accessible platform that provides end-to-end visibility across your financials, payroll, and team. By using one integrated system to manage your entire organisation, you remove the need to duplicate data across different platforms and databases, improving your efficiency and improving your employee experience. You can find the improvement you need to surpass your competition by integrating MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management into your MYOB Advanced platform.

Learn to Manage your People with Modern Payroll and Workforce Management Software

Achieving your organisation’s full potential requires effective and efficient management of your entire team. MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management are designed to improve your human resource management processes, providing a totally integrated and data-driven solution that addresses your critical labour management needs.
Payroll and Workforce Management requirements are complex and vary enormously from organisation to organisation. We will work through a detailed qualification process with you, to establish which elements of your processes the systems can handle and if there are any functional gaps.

For more information about Kilimanjaro Consulting or how MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management can improve the efficiency of your business contact us by emailing or call our MYOB consultants on 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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