Why attend MYOB training with Kilimanjaro Consulting?

Your training opportunities are endless

Ensuring that your staff are well-trained is vital in getting the most value out of your MYOB ERP or Payroll system. Selecting the right MYOB training provider is equally as important. So, why choose Kilimanjaro Consulting?


Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge ranging from finance, business processes, implementation and training. They are MYOB Accredited and update their product knowledge and skills with each new version released by MYOB. For instance, some of our longstanding consultants joined the Kilimanjaro team directly from MYOB, where they previously provided training and support to other consultants.

Not only do our consultants have extensive product knowledge, but they are also MYOB users themselves.

Facilitators, not lecturers

When providing training, our consultants act as facilitators rather than lecturers. They assist discussions around workflows and business processes, provide users with recommendations and best practices, and train users on these processes.

Training materials

Whenever users complete their MYOB training with Kilimanjaro Consulting, whether it’s structured training delivered onsite or remotely, or completing an online course via our Training Portal, they receive training manuals to refer to upon completion[1].

In addition, these manuals are regularly updated by Kilimanjaro Consulting to include the current product features.


We have several online courses available on MYOB Exo Business, MYOB Advanced and MYOB Employer Services to upskill users depending on their requirements.

  • Our MYOB Exo Business Headstart course is aimed at new users of MYOB Exo Business that need to learn the basics. This course is available through our online training portal.
  • Our MYOB Exo Business Report Writing course is ideal for users wanting to benefit from their systems by gaining greater reporting skills.
  • For system administrators, the Business Tools course provides insight into a range of system settings and options that can be used in MYOB Exo Business.
  • The MYOB Exo Payroll: Pay Processing and Maintenance educates users on how to use MYOB Exo Payroll to ensure their employees are paid correctly and receive the correct leave entitlements.
  • MYOB Advanced Generic Inquiry Writer Course – to guide you through the process of creating and managing Generic Inquiries (GI) in MYOB Advanced.
  • MYOB Advanced customised Training tailored to your unique business and team requirements


On-site training

We recognise that courses with predefined content aren’t always suitable. As an alternative, we provide customised training to suit your specific training requirements[2]. We strive to provide an exceptional standard of training aligned with your own internal processes. These tailored sessions can either be conducted at your offices, at our Sydney or Melbourne offices[3] or even remotely.

Online courses

Likewise, we understand the importance of empowering your staff with the right skills and knowledge. Therefore, via our online platforms, MYOB users have access to a range of online courses that can be completed in the user’s own time and at their own pace.

Erosion of Skills

When we were kids, we all played the “ Chinese whispers”[4] or “broken telephone” game. As the message is whispered from one person to another, it becomes corrupted. “John’s dog is dirty” becomes, “They say you’re a dirty dog, John”. In short, this is what happens every day in your own business if you rely on an existing employee to train a new team member. Imagine the gain in productivity if every new employee receives a good foundation in the capabilities of the system. The cost vs benefit is obvious.

[1] Subject to training content and product.

[2] For users of MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Advanced Payroll (People), only customised, tailored training is currently provided.

[3] Subject to facility availability and the number of attendees.

[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_whispers

If you have any more enquiries, please email sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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