MYOB Acumatica Integration and Customisation

Harness MYOB Acumatica's API to seamlessly connect to add-on products

Customising and adding integrations into your MYOB Acumatica (formerly MYOB Advanced) site can extend and enhance the capability of your MYOB software. Every company is different, facing their own set of challenges and requirements. MYOB Acumatica can be customised to suit your business specific needs.

When you invest in an ERP solution like MYOB Acumatica, you expect it to support your organisation for years to come. This means configuring and customising the system to fit your requirements and make your company more efficient is an important, necessary process. To do this will require a close partnership between your team and your implementation partner. The agreed design should encompass your current needs, your unique competitive advantages, as well as provision for the future.

MYOB Advanced is now known as MYOB Acumatica

In July 2024, MYOB changed the name of the MYOB Advanced platform to MYOB Acumatica. This was to bring greater transparency to the alignment between the two companies that have been partners since 2014. The Acumatica Cloud Business Management Platform is the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP system. It is developed by the Acumatica company in Seattle, USA. MYOB Acumatica is based on the Acumatica platform and has the same features and functionality. MYOB Acumatica is localised to the Australian and New Zealand markets, with local tax and compliance requirements.

Benefits of customising MYOB Acumatica

There are numerous benefits to tailoring MYOB Acumatica to better suit your organisation’s requirements. A system that is customised for your team will:

  • Better support your specific and unique workflows,
  • Boost efficiency by removing the need for manual duplication across disconnected systems,
  • Streamline your operations by only giving you the functionality you really need,
  • Do more for your organisation than a typical off-the-shelf accounting package,
  • Extend your team’s reach as you grow and become more complex.

When should you customise MYOB Acumatica?

  1. During your MYOB Acumatica implementation
  2. To take advantage of functionality in a new update or version release
  3. As your organisation continues to grow and become more complex
  4. After adding integrated payroll or workforce management to your cloud-based business management platform
  5. A team needs a specific, new Generic Inquiry, Dashboard, or Side Panel
  6. To add a best-of-breed connected service or add-on product

The first opportunity for customisation will arise during your MYOB Acumatica implementation. Your requirements should be identified during the design phase before implementation commences. A skilled and experienced implementation partner can design MYOB Acumatica to support your organisation in both the current and future states of operation.

Customisation with additional MYOB Acumatica Modules

As your organisation continues to grow, there may be the opportunity for more specific functionality that you did not identify during design and implementation. You should look to stay sharp and improve what has worked in the past. MYOB Acumatica is flexible and supports the integration of additional modules that widen the scope of what your system can achieve. The modules you choose to implement, custom reports, and even integrated best-of-breed services are all options for improving your efficiency with a bespoke MYOB Acumatica solution. Projects, Payroll, Inventory, Fixed Assets, and more are all additional modules that can improve efficiency. They can also be modified to directly suit your needs. Including extra modules in your system is a cost-effective way to improve, modernise, and extract more value out of your software investment. With any new module integrated directly into MYOB Acumatica, your General Ledger remains up to date making your team more efficient and removing the need for manual data re-entry.

Simple and effective MYOB Acumatica customisation

MYOB Acumatica is natively flexible and customisable. Simple customisations, like the setup of a new report or Generic Inquiry, as well as more complex customisations, such as the addition of a new setup page to capture information for an additional entity, can be created in MYOB Acumatica. Your trusted MYOB Partner will leverage their expertise with the platform to configure these customisations. Every organisation is different and unique. For larger, more complex companies it is important that your established workflows are reflected and optimised in your ERP system. The beauty of MYOB Acumatica is that it can be totally customised to suit your current processes. It can be constantly upgraded and adapted to fit your organisation’s needs and grow with you into the future.

Examples of simple MYOB Acumatica customisations

  • Unique Generic Inquiries and Dashboards to support unique users in your system with the right information when they need it,
  • Approval workflows to keep everyone up to date with real-time information and speed up approvals,
  • Send customised emails to customers, based on pre-designed Business Event triggers,

The added value of customisations for real-world users

When GoTransit, a transit advertising provider, implemented MYOB Acumatica they needed help to maintain their growing volume of monthly statements, and accounts receivable pain points. Over time, they discovered that additional modules could improve efficiency. GoTransit began replacing existing internal processes and spreadsheets within the system with MYOB Acumatica CRM, Projects, and more. MYOB Acumatica has continued to scale with their growing business, giving them bespoke support for their operations and growing its value as a single source of truth.

MYOB Acumatica Business and a range of add-on products

Integrating best-of-breed add-on solutions into MYOB Acumatica is another way to add new features and functions to your system. These connected services enable enhanced functionality without compromising your system as a single source of truth.

Kilimanjaro Consulting maintains a range of Connected Services partners who design and develop MYOB add-on products that can enhance MYOB Acumatica’s functionality. Managing and leveraging these independent products requires that they be integrated into your system. A free, limited API licence is included with each MYOB Acumatica site. This is the simplest way to integrate add-on solutions into your system. If you find that you need more complex integrations to support your company’s needs, this can simply be upgraded to the paid, unlimited API licence. That way, you can leverage the complete two-way flow of data, while gaining access to the functionality of best-of-breed solutions.

Via the API, the add-on product will interact with MYOB Acumatica through standard web service protocols. Every normal operation of the add-on application is available through the API; however, login-specific access can still be configured for additional security and to streamline workflows.

With recent technological innovations, there has been a rise in purpose-built products to solve specific industry pain points. From complex Business Intelligence software to detailed inventory management solutions, you have the freedom to pick and choose add-ons that will improve the efficiency of your business. A trusted and reliable MYOB Partner will only recommend the add-on products that are beneficial to your organisation. Extend the scope of MYOB Acumatica by integrating with best-of-breed add-on solutions:

  • Velixo to maintain your Excel-based reporting with live data and easy email distribution,
  • Netstock for enhanced inventory control,
  • Phocas for business intelligence and real-time cloud reporting,
  • ezyCollect for automated debt collection and Accounts Receivable,
  • ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) or Dataline for automated Accounts Payable,
  • TIGFreight for freight management and optimisation,
  • eveXso for better warehouse management
  • TRAILD for accounts Payable protection against fraud, error, and mistakes

Odata connections to assist with data transfer

Integration and customisation are designed so that you have access to the right information when you need it. By setting up an Odata transfer from MYOB Acumatica into Excel, you can expose Generic Inquiries to Excel, feeding live data out of your ERP system so that it can be analysed and manipulated, providing the basis of your reports. This is especially useful when only your finance team is trained in the use of MYOB Acumatica. All staff members can use and benefit from the data it is collecting while working in a familiar spreadsheet environment. 

Our MYOB Acumatica customisation and integration methodology

Kilimanjaro Consulting follows a structured and tested methodology for our customisation work. It aims to reduce risk and ensure all your requirements are met. The methodology informs everything that we do across a project, from discovery and design to testing and post-go-live support. Following a structured process means that everyone in our team knows which steps to take for a successful implementation. Lessons from past experiences are embedded in the methodology. Providing a clear goal makes the process efficient and transparent, creating a positive experience for both our clients and our team.

Take control of your customised MYOB Acumatica system

All MYOB Acumatica customisations can be completed by an accredited and experienced implementation partner. However, some customisations can be completed ad-hoc by your own team. Kilimanjaro Consulting’s training philosophy is to make you self-sufficient in your system. We empower you with the tools to build new reports, Generic Inquiries, Dashboards, Business Events automation, and more as you need them over the course of your MYOB Acumatica journey. Contact our training team for training courses that give you the skills to continue developing MYOB Acumatica at your own pace.

To start a conversation about how MYOB Acumatica customisations can improve efficiency in your organisation, email, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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