MYOB Exo Pricing | Review

All the factors you need to consider to estimate MYOB Exo pricing

Asking how much an ERP system costs is much like asking: “How long is a piece of string?” In saying that, although estimation can be difficult, there are factors that will have an impact on the price which you should know about.

First of all, accounting software is an investment. When making the decision about which software to choose, you want software that will grow with your business in order to improve efficiency. For a system to be a worthwhile long-term investment you need to be looking at more complex solutions that can take your business to the next level.

MYOB Exo Pricing – what am I paying for?

As a general rule with ERP, “you get what you pay for”. Therefore, the more money you spend on software, the more comprehensive and sophisticated it is likely to be. For example, off-the-shelf systems are less expensive. You are essentially purchasing a piece of software used by thousands, possibly millions of people. That has little configurability. However, when considering a more sophisticated product such as MYOB Exo, you are looking at a fully configurable and integrated financial and business management system. “Configurable” means you are purchasing the software plus the configuration services required to enable the solution to function in your unique environment. MYOB Exo consists of multiple modules that can be individually purchased. This is based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of your organisation.

As a result, this means that:

  1. a) The implementer needs to understand your unique environment
  2. b) The implementer needs to understand how to configure the software

MYOB Exo Price – What does it include?

MYOB Exo Initial License Fee (ILF)

For access to MYOB Exo, there is a requirement for businesses to purchase user licenses upfront (one per concurrent user). This is called the Initial Licence Fee (ILF).

MYOB Exo Annual License fee (ALF)

The annual license fee (ALF) allows MYOB to continue investing in the core functionality of the software in order to ensure clients continue getting the most out of their system. By introducing new and innovative features, MYOB ensures that your software will always be up to date with current laws, regulations, and trends. In addition, new releases will include bug fixes.

MYOB Exo Implementation Pricing

A high level of skills are required to implement fully customisable and integrated software such as MYOB Exo. This is why the cost is inevitably higher than a simple accounting system. The more skilled the implementers, the greater the cost and the better the outcome. As a rule of thumb, even the smallest business will require about 100 hours of consulting services to work through the implementation process properly. Multiply that by the professional’s rate/hour and this will give you an indication of the investment required to implement these systems

MYOB Exo Implementation at Kilimanjaro

Implementation is the most important part of the ERP process. Therefore, choosing the right ERP implementer will ultimately determine the success of the project. This is why implementation plays a big part in MYOB Exo pricing. At Kilimanjaro, we believe that there is “no prescription without consultation”. This means we make sure we understand your problems and requirements before prescribing the solution. This eliminates uncertainty on both sides. Kilimanjaro Consulting has developed a unique implementation methodology for MYOB Exo. The journey begins with us understanding your business processes (the current state), and then exploring what you want to do differently in the future (the future state).

ERP Pricing – What about MYOB Advanced?

MYOB Advanced is a relatively new ERP software in MYOB’s product portfolio. It has made a substantial impact on the mid-market in Australia and New Zealand. It is important to know the differences between different ERP packages, how they are designed and how the platform can affect usability. This cloud-based system, based on Acumatica, offers a monthly subscription payment model, which is suitable for many businesses. Consequently, subscription-based means you pay what you use for. Deployed via SaaS, and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) means it can be accessed from any web browser on any Internet-connected device. If you think this system could be beneficial for you, visit our MYOB Advanced page for even more information or find out how your business can get mobile with MYOB Advanced.

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