Kilimanjaro’s MYOB Exo API Module

Developed by Kilimanjaro, the API module allows your Exo system to interact in real time with underlying Microsoft SQL database

An API is an Application Programming Interface. Sometimes, different types of software can have issues accurately transmitting and translating data between them. By using our Exo API, you can facilitate the flow of data between MYOB Exo Business and your other systems. Exo API effectively translates your data coming through MYOB Exo so that it can be read by other systems. As a result, you can access your data without having to navigate through the MYOB Exo interface.

Exo API is a REST (Representational State Transfer) API, so it is especially effective in transferring data to web-based HTTP platforms. The Exo API module is well-suited to businesses seeking real-time connection and interaction with MYOB Exo databases.

The Main Features of Kilimanjaro Consulting’s EXOAPI

When using the Exo API you can:

  • Leverage your external web-based applications without needing to duplicate your data within MYOB Exo,
  • Customise your back-end SQL stored procedures and views,
  • Enjoy the highly secure web-based module,
  • Realise the flexibility of an API that will allow MYOB Exo upgrades.

What are the Benefits of the Exo API?

With Exo API, you can still maintain the benefits of your existing MYOB Exo system, without compromising your external applications. Gain direct access to the SQL database for even further customisations to your system. Kilimanjaro’s API can extend to additional end-points. Where the standard MYOB Exo API is not a good fit, the Kilimanjaro API is flexible enough for most complex applications.

The integrator for MYOB Exo – SynKit

If you already use a 3rd party web-based application for specific functionality but want it integrated into MYOB Exo, then SynKit is your solution. Developed by the experts at Kilimanjaro Consulting, SynKit leverages the application’s open API to push and pull live data between your two systems. With SynKit, you can take advantage of unique integrations that your competition will be unable to access, such as:

  • HubSpot or Salesforce as a best-of-breed CRM,
  • Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce for your e-commerce platform,
  • SmartFreight to automate and streamline distribution and shipping, or
  • simPRO or AroFlo for job management, time capture, and field services.

SynKit can integrate MYOB Exo with any 3rd party application with an open API. Contact our team to learn more.

Deeper integration for MYOB Exo

Vision K Xeno API is a dedicated API built to facilitate the flow of data between MYOB Exo Business and other applications, databases, and systems. It comes preconfigured with groups of endpoints to run create, execute, update, and fetch functions between MYOB Exo and your desired third-party add-on. Vision K Xeno API is highly configurable, and additional endpoints can be built out as required. It can cover your other integration requirements so you can maintain MYOB Exo as a single source of truth for your organisation. Vision K Assets is developed as part of the Kilimanjaro Consulting stable of MYOB Exo experts.

Integration with MYOB Exo

Kilimanjaro Exo API allows integration with MYOB Exo. By leveraging Exo API, you have the flexibility to directly access the SQL database to make your customisations and inclusions.

To learn more about Exo API and even view a demonstration site, download the factsheet, or contact our team by emailing or calling 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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