MYOB Exo is looking better than ever

With an upgraded user interface and DPI scaling, MYOB Exo has never looked better.

The MYOB Exo User Experience has undergone a dramatic overhaul with the release of version 2020.1. Now, with the recent release of version 2021.1, the entire system is seeing the benefit of the enhanced look and feel of the modern MYOB Exo. Your favourite ERP system really is looking better than ever.

Does MYOB Exo really need a change?

MYOB have always made the functionality of MYOB Exo their paramount focus. Adding in additional capacity to the system sets your business up for the future, giving you the confidence that you can use MYOB Exo while your company continues to grow.

Advances in I.T. equipment, such as monitor resolutions, and customer and industry feedback meant that the visual side of MYOB Exo needed an upgrade to keep the system modern, up to date and future focussed. All in all, the look was simplified and brought into line with MYOB’s other desktop products.

The new look of MYOB Exo

You would never have known your favourite system needed an overhaul until you saw it for yourself. MYOB Exo has seen visual updates across all modules. From new fonts to new toolbars and menu icons, to improved layouts, every screen has seen an update.

The fonts are clearer and easier to read, matching the fonts throughout the Microsoft Windows Suite. It is clearer even when zoomed in, so that you can see the benefit alongside the DPI scaling.

Toolbar and menu icons are flatter and larger. They have also been made clearer, and you can hover your mouse over any icon to find a label. You will always know what every icon is for, and you are always able to access the functions you need.

In terms of increased accessibility, dropdown menus have been added on several screens to consolidate related functions and toolbar buttons in one place. This leaves the toolbar clear and clean, while also grouping functions in easy to find locations.

New Exo Business Screen

See the benefit of the new scaling DPI

MYOB Exo will now match the Dots Per Inch (DPI) from your computer’s display settings. This will automatically resize text and logos for your viewing comfort. Now you can appreciate the full breadth of visual changes, no matter what size of screen or display you are using.

Ready to use the new modern look in your business?

For a closer look at these new visual upgrades, watch a short video from the most recent User Groups. Our Service Delivery Manager – Kate Cramer – takes us through the scaling DPI as well as the new look and feel of MYOB Exo.

These visual upgrades are only available in the latest versions of MYOB Exo. Along with the aesthetic upgrades to the newest versions, you also get access to the newest functionality. To upgrade your MYOB Exo system, contact us at or 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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