MYOB Advanced for Engineering Firms

Leading engineering firms are turning to specialised cloud-based business management platforms like MYOB Advanced Manufacturing or MYOB Advanced Construction.

MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) has the powerful capability to meet the needs of complex engineering organisations. It gives you complete visibility over your entire operations, from costing to time management, projects, payroll, and more. Depending on your unique organisation, dedicated MYOB Advanced editions can be used to effectively manage your entire organisation in the cloud.

What is MYOB Advanced?

MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) is cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developed by MYOB and powered by Acumatica – the world’s fastest-growing ERP system. It provides organisations with a comprehensive set of tools for financial management, supply chain management, project management, and more. The software is designed to streamline business processes, automate tasks and other business events, and provide real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs). It is suitable for large, complex organisations and can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Its integrated, modular design means that it can become one advanced platform to manage your entire organisation.

MYOB Advanced has dedicated industry editions to support the requirements of a range of different verticalized organisations. Depending on your unique engineering organisation, you may find that either MYOB Advanced Manufacturing or MYOB Advanced Construction is a good fit for your requirements. These two separate editions share common financial management, customer relationship management (CRM) and payroll and workforce management functionalities but differ in the way they can manage projects and job costs, produce bills of materials, estimations, compliance, and more.

MYOB Advanced Construction

MYOB Advanced Construction gathers data from across your entire operation to give a clear picture of organisational health. Whether it is reduced administration time, greater control of costs, or real-time reporting, MYOB Advanced Construction will improve efficiency in your organisation. MYOB Advanced Construction provides an extensive suite of connected engineering business applications.

Complete Construction Solution. MYOB Advanced has finance/distribution and construction and project management functionality to support the entire organisation.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing supports the needs of production-focused engineering organisations by connecting powerful financial management features, CRM, and payroll with your production, material requirements, inventory management, and more. Especially for discrete or project-centric manufacturers, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing provides an extensive suite of connected business applications.

Complete Manufacturing Solution. What MYOB Advanced does

MYOB Advanced benefits for engineering firms

MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) offers several benefits for engineering companies:

Integrated Project Management

MYOB Advanced has end-to-end project management functionality. With it, you can efficiently plan, schedule, and track engineering projects all from one integrated system. Manage budgets, allocate resources, track costs, and monitor project progress in real-time. Platform-wide integration streamlines execution and enhances control and visibility of your projects.

Financial Control and Visibility

MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) offers robust financial management features. This includes all the powerful functionality you would expect from an ERP system, such as a flexible General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, budgeting, and job costing. Gain a comprehensive view of costs, budgets, estimates, and resources, track profitability, monitor progress in real-time, and make informed financial decisions with integrated data from across your engineering organisation.

MYOB Advanced Construction - reporting and analytics

Document Management and Collaboration

Construction projects involve extensive documentation and collaboration with clients, subcontractors, and your team. MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) Construction provides a centralised document management system, so you can store, track, and share project-related documents securely. Real-time communication and cloud-based document visibility means that everyone is working with the same information at the same time.

Improved scalability to support future growth

MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) is a scalable, modular, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. You can simply change licence requirements, modules, and other integrated applications if and when you need them. You are billed monthly and only for the parts of the system that you use. One of the advantages of implementing an ERP solution is continual improvement. MYOB Advanced supports your future growth and continual improvement journey.

Streamlined Estimating and Bidding

MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) Construction simplifies the project estimating and bidding process. Because all the data from previous projects is readily available in the system, you can use this data to support accurate cost estimates. Build trust with your clients and prospects by delivering accurate proposals and estimates. MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) Construction can track your different pending proposals and automate manual tasks and job generation upon acceptance.

Payroll and Workforce Management

With the integrated MYOB Advanced Payroll (formerly People) module, you can bring HR, operations, and payroll into one place. MYOB Advanced Payroll is an all-in-one management tool that calculates finances and labour costs, analyses trends, and creates detailed reports – all in real-time and integrated into MYOB Advanced Business. It handles multiple pay groups and frequencies, leave requests and approvals, and automated onboarding.

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management

Bring onboarding, rostering, timesheets, and payroll together in one seamless, automated solution. MYOB Advanced Workforce Management is an add-on module to MYOB Advanced Payroll that improves the efficiency of even more of your administrative processes.

MYOB Advanced features

In addition to the powerful financial features of MYOB Advanced Business (Acumatica), the system can support your end-to-end engineering operations:

  • Project planning, change orders, and scheduling,
  • Resource allocation and management, including subcontractors,
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP),
  • Cost, time, and expense tracking, and budget management with real-time status updates,
  • Centralised document storage, maintaining version control and simplifying compliance,
  • Accurate estimates based on data from previous projects,
  • Bidding and proposal generation with tracking and historical analysis,
  • Production planning, scheduling, and configuration,
  • Shop floor scheduling and quality control, and
  • Customisable dashboards and KPIs for construction, including profitability and financial analysis.

The true value of modern cloud ERP solutions

Embracing cloud technology has become a crucial differentiator that empowers progressive engineering organisations to drive innovation, deliver superior customer experiences, and improve efficiency. As the engineering industry evolves, it is imperative for organisations to adapt and harness the power of technology.

By leveraging advanced solutions like MYOB Advanced (Acumatica), engineering companies across Australia and New Zealand can transform their operations, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge. Embracing technology enhances productivity and cost-effectiveness, enabling greater collaboration, improved supply chain management, and real-time decision-making.

By embracing the digital transformation journey, you can take your place as an industry leader, delivering exceptional outcomes for your clients and team. In this fast-paced environment, those who embrace technology and leverage its capabilities will stand out from the competition, seize new opportunities, and thrive in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Our MYOB Advanced services

Choosing the right implementation partner is as important as choosing the right software. The partner’s role is critical to eliminating risk and ensuring the long-term success of the software in your organisation.

MYOB Advanced implementation

Both MYOB Advanced Construction and MYOB Advanced Manufacturing are complex, sophisticated business management platforms. No matter which one you choose, it requires in-depth solution design and configuration to meet your requirements and add the most value to your organisation. While an MYOB Advanced implementation may seem like a daunting project, you can engage an expert implementation partner to guide you through to a successful outcome.

Kilimanjaro Consulting has developed a structured, low-risk methodology for MYOB Advanced implementations. The process combines your understanding of your business with our understanding of the software to ensure that your investment gives you the anticipated and best outcome. Following a structured implementation methodology ensures we get everything right for your organisation the first time. Our methodology is the culmination of years of experience. It is refined with lessons learned from previous implementations and the evolution of our processes.

  • Risk Benefit-Assessment: Understand and mitigate the software, implementer, and non-implementer risks.
  • System Design: Our expert team gets an in-depth understanding of your organisation and plans out the entire build. You must sign off before we continue. This ensures that all your needs are met and every workflow and process is accounted for.
  • System Construction: Our product expertise and technical skills configure the system to meet your requirements.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Training: A fully functional sandbox is used for training and testing without impacting the final system. Once your wider team is comfortable with each function, you can begin in-depth testing to ensure the system meets your every need and works properly.
  • Go-Live: Final data migration and go-live. Any issues that were flagged in UAT have been resolved.
  • Post-Go-Live Support: Implementing MYOB Advanced Construction is a long-term partnership. Our team will guide you through your first month and then step back to let you operate as normal. We will always be available to support you and your changing requirements in the future.

MYOB Advanced Construction integration and customisation

There is a vast array of specially developed connected services that you can integrate with MYOB Advanced to create a technology ecosystem. These systems are specifically developed to meet individual industry or departmental requirements and can further improve efficiency. MYOB Advanced integrations and customisations allow you to build a truly custom system for your engineering organisation. Common applications that are integrated with MYOB Advanced Construction include:

  • Procore – to give field teams untethered access to your financial data,
  • ProEst – to synchronise and share project and estimation data anywhere and at any time,
  • OpenFreight – for automated freight and distribution pricing,
  • Netstock – for powerful inventory control and demand forecasting,
  • simPRO – to strengthen your job management and quoting functionality,
  • Kynection – to keep projects on track with an integrated management suite.
  • Phocas – for real-time team-wide reporting and data visibility, and
  • eveXso – for superior warehouse control, including streamlined picking and packing.
  • Single Source Systems – Productivity suite

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a systematic approach to helping an organisation optimise its processes and improve efficiency. BPI is an integral part of any implementation. There must be an overall improvement in your processes; otherwise, your investment in new software will be suboptimal.

Targeted areas for BPI typically include:

  • Automating manual processes,
  • Validate data integrity,
  • Improved reporting capabilities,
  • System integrations, if applicable, and
  • Process efficiency.

MYOB Advanced training & support

Kilimanjaro Consulting provides in-depth MYOB Advanced training as part of our implementation process, as well as long-term guidance and support for our engineering clients.

We understand it is crucial to empower your staff with the right skills and knowledge to use your systems effectively. Training avoids wasting time and resources that cause inefficiencies within even the simplest of processes. We have a dedicated training portal for on-demand MYOB Advanced training options, as well as the skills to create bespoke training that is specific to your site and workflows.

The Kilimanjaro MYOB Support Sherpas will help guide you to the best possible solution if and when you face challenges with your systems. With decades of experience between them, the Kilimanjaro MYOB Support team take a collaborative approach when solving your issue.

For any MYOB Support case, we follow a structured methodology to minimise risk and solve your problem efficiently. Our MYOB Advanced Support team has developed a robust knowledge base grounded in their real experiences in finding solutions for our clients. Knowing more about your issue gives the team the ability to consider multiple resolutions. No matter if the query is small or large, our team will always endeavour to provide the best solution.

MYOB Advanced case studies

Kilimanjaro Consulting and MYOB Advanced have succeeded in construction and manufacturing engineering implementations.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing streamlines the operations of RML Engineering

RML began producing small components for the pneumatics industry and has grown to have operations across New Zealand, Australia, and India. MYOB Advanced offered a robust yet simple reporting system that could produce real-time data to drive decision-making at the highest level. The cloud-based functionality removed the need for on-site hardware and allowed the flexibility to integrate add-ons and customise the capability of the software.

Production became much more streamlined as a result of the implementation. They can receive accurate, real-time data that drives critical business decisions. The regular updates and flexibility of MYOB Advanced will prove their processes in the future, allowing room for continuous growth.

Watch the video case study to discover how they benefitted from the implementation.

MYOB Advanced Construction is a reliable foundation for the Thompson Group

Thompson Group is a New Zealand-based construction and engineering business. They take on the entire construction process from 3D design, steel fabrication, precast and construction to property management.

Their old system lacked visibility across all facets of their organisation. Every year, the projects they secured were getting bigger and more complex, which meant more machinery and more staff needed. Thompson Group needed an all-in-one software solution that could grow as the organisation changed and connect project management to financial performance. Following the advice of their trusted business partner, Kilimanjaro Consulting, Thompson Group selected MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) as their new, future-focused, cloud-based business management platform.

Watch the video case study to discover how they benefitted from the implementation.

MYOB Advanced Engineering FAQs

MYOB Advanced is a complex and fully featured business management platform. Naturally, this leads to many frequently asked questions.

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