One World

MYOB Exo was the business management software One World needed to grow.

One World needed a business management platform to ease the pressure on their team and improve efficiency. Kilimanjaro Consulting implemented the new system and demonstrated their thorough knowledge of MYOB Exo.

Who are One World?

Originally from London, the gift and homeware retailer One World Collection, brought their European designs to Australia in 2023, quickly expanding operations to New Zealand. Their mission is to help their customers tastefully furnish their home for a reasonable price, without sacrificing style and elegance for functionality. One World Collection made the Business Review Weekly (BRW) list of Australia’s top 100 fastest-growing businesses. With the recent expansion of their operations into the USA and more than 45 staff globally.

What catalysed the switch to MYOB Exo?

When One World Collection opened their Sydney and Auckland stores, MYOB AccountRight was their software of choice. The company was happy with this solution and continued to use it for 10 years. As the business began to grow, they faced challenges with their existing software, especially with stock control and reporting systems. One World Collection started researching alternative software solutions that could handle the complexities of their growing business. They decided on MYOB Exo to meet their growing business needs, working with Kilimanjaro Consulting as their trusted implementer.

What changes followed this decision?

The One World team relied on Kilimanjaro Consulting’s expert guidance and methodology. The implementation team utilised a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) phase where the team could access and test a full version of One World Collection’s customised database. As with introducing any new software, it took time for the team to get trained on getting the most out of MYOB Exo, but once they did, feedback was positive across the board. Their new ability to now understand a large volume of complex and detailed SKU data at a glance enables them to give customers a better buying experience. Working with Kilimanjaro Consulting they created custom reports to suit the specific needs of the company. Access to reports such as backorder reports with ETA and images, stock reorder and sales reports, debtor performance reports and agent’s monthly commission reports are enabling them to make better business decisions with improved visibility.

How are they now?

MYOB Exo has proven to be a valuable asset for the One World team to improve processes and increase efficiency. Beyond its scalability, the software has become a catalyst for business growth, opening up avenues that they never thought imaginable. One notable advantage is the ability to seamlessly manage multiple stock locations across their many warehouses globally. The software’s integration capabilities mean they can get third-party programs to link to the SQL database in real time so that their website is live and accurate. This improved visibility has been welcomed by both the team and customers, allowing customers to know what is in stock to streamline their purchasing experience.

The team also leverages MYOB Exo to sort and allocate stock to customers according to their annual spending and status. The software’s robust reporting capabilities mean that different stock replenishment reports can be generated based on individual facts that the team may need information on. The whole team has enjoyed the contribution MYOB Exo has made to their business growth and the ability it has given them to grow into new markets like New Zealand and the USA.

How do I achieve a successful MYOB Exo implementation?

A successful MYOB Exo Implementation depends on 3 critical risk:

  1. Software Risk
  2. Implementer risk
  3. Self-Inflicted Risk

You can reduce your risk by selecting the right implementation partner. Although there are many different partners to choose from, you need the one that will work with you every step of the way. Managing risk is an important part of an implementation; selecting a low-risk partner is critical to a lifetime of success with your Business Management system.

Kilimanjaro Consulting ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing the right partner:

Kilimanjaro Consulting is the largest and most experienced implementer of MYOB’s Enterprise-level business management, accounting, payroll, and workforce management solutions: MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. We are experienced, low-risk implementers, helping organisations improve efficiency in their businesses through the use of clever, innovative, and proven technology.

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