Optimising the Performance of MYOB Exo Business

Keep MYOB Exo running smoothly with a performance optimisation project

MYOB Exo Business is a powerful business management system that supports your organisation’s growth. By choosing MYOB Exo, you have committed to a solution that will be a part of your operations for many years. It is the engine that drives your business. And, like any engine, your MYOB Exo system requires maintenance to perform at its peak. 

Keep MYOB Exo running smoothly.

Kilimanjaro Consulting has developed an MYOB Exo Performance Optimisation program to keep your system running smoothly. This process systematically identifies the areas in your business management software that can be improved. Our highly skilled consultants analyse your system and develop a unique plan for your business. Once approved, the team will work with you to ensure these business performance improvements are delivered to your users. In addition to a formal Recommendations Report, our consultants will deliver quick wins within the scope of the Performance Optimisation project to alleviate your pain points.

MYOB Exo is an established, robust, and reliable solution. It is a continually evolving ERP program, regularly updated to improve stability and usability and to add new features.  There is no need to look for an alternate solution. MYOB Exo has been designed to support businesses across various industries now and into the future. Do not let slow system performance stifle your team’s productivity. Reach out to our team to improve your system’s performance or learn to use MYOB Exo effectively.

When should you consider MYOB Exo Performance Optimisation?

You should consider a Performance Optimisation Project for MYOB Exo Business if you:

  • Notice worsening system performance over time,
  • Operate with a large (10GB or larger) database,
  • Have a heavily customised database.  Often these customisations have accrued over several years,
  • Have heavy sales orders or purchase order requirements. A Performance Optimisation project will be particularly noticeable if you have customisations applied to your sales order/purchase order processes,
  • Have high stock + stock location ratios,
  • Have complex MYOB Exo Job Costing requirements.

A structured optimisation methodology

In any project we undertake, the team at Kilimanjaro Consulting follow a structured methodology. This process has been honed through experience and testing to minimise risk. The phases are:

  • Exploration Phase:  Initial stakeholder meeting and database review.
  • Planning and Project Kick-Off:  Key user consultation.  Establish roles and responsibilities.
  • Remote Review:  Extended database and system analysis.
  • Recommend:  Recommendations for quick wins.  Sandbox testing and user feedback. 
  • Action and Assess:  Prioritise recommendations.  Implementation of quick wins into your live database.  A cycle of Sandbox modifications, testing and implementation into Live.
  • Final Report:  Recommendations report for full optimisation.
  • Post-Optimisation Projects:  Estimate and implement recommendations outside the scope of the quick wins.

The benefits of optimising MYOB Exo’s performance

A finely tuned, well-running engine will make your team perform more efficiently. There are many benefits to optimising MYOB Exo’s performance:

  • Faster processing speeds.  Sometimes much, much faster!
  • A clean database. Superfluous information no longer slows down your processes and only stores the data you need.
  • Consolidation and simplification of customisations.
  • Future-proofing strategies.
  • Maintenance education.

What if my business needs more functionality

There are many ways to improve efficiency in your business. Modern economic environments pressure businesses to digitise their processes and adopt smart and innovative solutions. The time to innovate is now, and we are here to assist you along the journey of climbing the technology mountain. MYOB Exo is a powerful solution that can be customised to your business needs.

The MYOB Exo Cloud Solution

MYOB Exo has long been established as on-premise software, limiting your system access from outside your office to a VPN. However, the team of experts at Kilimanjaro Consulting have developed ExoHosted as a cloud-based solution for MYOB Exo. By hosting your MYOB Exo Business software in the Cloud, you can be sure that your server is in a highly reliable environment managed by our hosting division. ExoHosted combines the classic MYOB Exo Business software with our cloud-based technology, allowing you to take advantage of uninterrupted, 24/7 service. It gives your team on-the-go access to MYOB Exo from any device, anywhere. The fixed monthly hosting fee will ease your cash flow and reduce operational costs.

Integration and customisation for MYOB Exo

As businesses grow, they become more complex and develop a competitive advantage over others in their industry. It is impossible to develop one single system that can manage the varied processes of every organisation in the market. Each complex company requires configuration, customisation, and sometimes even a bespoke solution. Out-of-the-box systems simply can’t do the job.

One of MYOB Exo’s strengths lies in its integration with third-party (add-on) products. These products are designed to enhance the functionality of your system, extending and supporting native functionality so that you can make better decisions. Integrating these products into your system removes the need for manual data duplication and reduces overall error rates.

Build a truly custom MYOB Exo system for your organisation by integrating add-on products that meet your specific, additional requirements. Kilimanjaro Consulting recommends and supports integrations with the following connected services:

The integrator for MYOB Exo – SynKit

If you already use a 3rd party web-based application for specific functionality but want it integrated into MYOB Exo, then SynKit is your solution. Developed by the experts at Kilimanjaro Consulting, SynKit leverages the application’s open API to push and pull live data between your two systems. With SynKit, you can take advantage of unique integrations that your competition will be unable to access, such as:

  • HubSpot or Salesforce as a best-of-breed CRM,
  • Shopify, Magento, or Woo Commerce for your e-commerce platform,
  • SmartFreight to automate and streamline distribution and shipping, or
  • simPRO or AroFlo for job management, time capture, and field services.

SynKit can integrate MYOB Exo with any 3rd party application with an open API. Contact our team to learn more.

A solution for more complex organisations

If you feel like your business needs a more powerful cloud solution, then consider MYOB Advanced. MYOB Advanced is an end-to-end business management system built for the cloud and supports access to your data from any location and at any time. Whether it is reduced administration time, greater inventory control, or real-time reporting, MYOB Advanced can be configured to improve efficiency in your business.

It is a full Software as a Service (SaaS) product built on the fastest-growing cloud ERP solution in the world – Acumatica. The Acumatica Cloud ERP platform is one of the most flexible and adaptable enterprise software solutions available to the global midmarket. By building on the best features of Acumatica, MYOB has forged a cloud ERP system to rival and surpass their competition for complex medium to large organisations. The strength of MYOB Advanced lies in its ability to automate repetitive and mundane procedures and the live flow of information throughout your organisation.

How can software solutions improve real businesses?

The Arcadia Corporation successfully transitioned into the cloud and achieved a single, efficient platform from which they now manage Accounts, Inventory Management and CRM. Moving from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced improved functionality and provided end-to-end management of its products. Additionally, integrations with their core business management system enhanced visibility and simplified reporting for the finance and sales teams.

Kilimanjaro Consulting is the premier consultant for MYOB’s Enterprise Solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Our expert MYOB Exo team is the largest and most experienced, and we leverage this experience to support your system and improve efficiency in your business. If you want to explore ways to optimise MYOB Exo’s performance, contact our team by calling 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ) or emailing sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com.

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