Harnessing the Power of Job Costing

MYOB Exo Tips and Tricks #3

MYOB Exo Job Costing is an additional integrated module of your MYOB Exo Business system. The MYOB Job Costing module helps you manage the profitability of your jobs and projects in real-time by providing direct visibility of all your inputs, processes, and costs. With the integration into MYOB Exo Business, your General Ledger is also kept up to date with information from every project, removing the need for manual data re-entry, and making your team more efficient. As with any part of MYOB Exo, the Job Costing module can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs. Job Costing is also seeing improvements over time from MYOB so that you can take advantage of added functionality in new versions and improve your efficiency. Job costing functionality is continually being enhanced by MYOB, and some of these updates are outlined later in this article.

Job costing dashboard

Custom functionality in MYOB Exo Job Costing

As your trusted partner and knowledgeable MYOB Exo implementers, we have developed custom functionality that goes above and beyond the standard Job Costing features.

Audit tracking on key job fields

Audit tracking is one such additional enhancement that we have deployed to improve the visibility of changes over the course of a job. This customisation is invaluable for Construction or Service & Maintenance businesses but can also be deployed for Professional Services companies. This provides the Project Manager (or whoever you choose to access the information) answers to some common questions when reviewing a project, such as:

  • “Who closed that job, and when was it closed?”
  • “When did site works commence”
  • “When did the retention period start?”
  • “When was the due date for that service moved?”

Changes to nominated Job fields can be tracked and reported on via a configured grid widget. You will never have to wonder again who made what change in a job header field or flag. Custom reports can also be generated looking at the changes across multiple jobs to assist Project Managers.

Audit tracking 1

Automatic Job Creation

Another customisation that we have recently deployed has focused on the automatic creation of jobs into your system based on a Serviceable Units schedule. Instead of having to create a schedule and then create the jobs, MYOB Exo Job Costing can be customised to automatically create the jobs based on the schedule. This automation saves your team time by removing the need to manually re-enter the same data and lowers the error rate that comes with direct manual intervention.

Graphical and User Interface Enhancements to MYOB Exo Job Costing

The latest User Interface improvements are now available in MYOB Exo Job Costing. Enjoy the new look and feel, high resolution and scaling DPI, along with other UI improvements. These cosmetic changes bring the Job Costing module in line with the aesthetic appeal of the rest of MYOB Exo, ensuring your team have crisp and clear visibility of your Job’s data.

Fast and simple movement through screens

Recent Actions and Favourite Reports sections have been added on the left-hand side of the main Job Costing screen. This makes it simple and fast to jump to your preferred work area. 

Recent actions dashboard

Alternate shading on Transactional fields

Alternate shading across rows makes it easier to separate data and focus on specific lines. This is now available on the main Job screen and all transactional tabs.

Alternate shading

Control of right-click menu options per user profile

You can now control the available options on the right-click menus of job costing tabs. This can be set based on individual user access, so your team only select the best options for their role. These selections can be customised in the MYOB Exo Configurator. Read our full list of MYOB Exo tips and tricks, to discover more optimisations just like this one.

Customisable user options

Change key field names

Also customisable within the MYOB Exo Configurator are the names of key fields. You can change the names of fields such as dates, descriptions, notes, and more. Make the intent of the field clearer and remove any confusion within your team.

If you would also like to improve your knowledge of the MYOB Exo Configurator, explore our range of training options via our online portal.

Name of key field customisation 1
Name of key field customisation 2

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Are you using the latest version of MYOB Exo?

MYOB Exo has a long and rich history, from its early days as ExoNet up to the latest releases. Each new version adds new features and functions to your already powerful system. The latest update to the software will always give you benefits over the older versions. Added functionality may be as simple as an improved workflow, a new widget, a tidier report, or more complex functionality like Bank Feeds. Access to these features is included in your Annual Licence Fee (ALF), so you are missing out on added value by not keeping your system up to date. By regularly updating your software, you ensure your team maintains a reliable, powerful platform to suit your organisation for years to come.
Visit our MYOB Exo Version History page to read all the latest updates and features.

Using the latest version of MYOB Exo gives you access to these new features, as well as many others. If you would like to upgrade your MYOB Exo software, then contact our team to discuss your options. Send an email to our friendly team at sales@kilimanjaro-consulting.com, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).


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