MYOB Advanced Business Implementation

Kilimanjaro Consulting offers expert, experienced, and risk-free MYOB Advanced Business implementation services.

MYOB Advanced Business (Acumatica)is a sophisticated and complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. When properly implemented it can streamline and connect multiple departments across your organisation – it becomes a complete business management solution. This process requires a dedicated implementation project and an experienced implementation partner to get the best result for your organisation.

Kilimanjaro Consulting is the premier implementer of MYOB Advanced Business across Australia and New Zealand. We are experts in improving efficiency through the clever use of proven and innovative technology – such as MYOB Advanced.

What is an MYOB Advanced Implementation?

Compared to off-the-shelf accounting systems, that require little customisation, MYOB Advanced Business must be implemented specifically for your unique processes and workflows. This means an in-depth solution design and configuration is required to meet your requirements and to add the most value to your organisation.

An implementation is the process of configuring MYOB Advanced to fit your organisation’s unique systems, frameworks, structures, and workflows. It requires careful planning and consideration of how each department in your organisation fits together, and how the system can be moulded to your processes to adopt industry best-practice and improve efficiency. This is a significant undertaking that relies on appropriate resource allocation, a long project duration, and the ability to test and verify that everything is working properly.

How to navigate an MYOB Advanced implementation?

An MYOB Advanced implementation may seem like a daunting project. It is not something you can take on yourself. Engage an expert implementation partner to guide you through to a successful outcome. Their experience and skill with the system will make it more adaptable to your organisation’s processes and create a truly unique business management platform.

Kilimanjaro Consulting is an experienced MYOB Advanced implementer

That is where Kilimanjaro Consulting comes in. We will help you navigate the complexities of an MYOB Advanced Implementation and help you climb the technology mountain. There are several key attributes that we rely on for successful implementations:

  • We are experts at managing risk,
  • Our structured implementation methodology,
  • We have the largest, most experienced team of implementation consultants,
  • We forge lifetime partnerships with our clients and put the #ClientFirst,
  • We offer training and support alongside the software implementation,
  • We operate across Australia and New Zealand.

Managing the risks of an implementation

Any software implementation come with inherent risks:

  • Software risk – will the new system do what we need it to do?
  • Implementer risk – does the implementing team have the skills required to fulfil the sales team’s promise and unlock the potential of the software?
  • Self-inflicted risk – can your team devote the appropriate resources to the implementation?

ERP implementations fail or see setbacks when either the end-users or implementer fail to properly understand and manage risk. Like any complex order or project, it is far better to do it once and do it right. Money and time spent on rectification far exceed the cost of doing it right the first time. A successful implementation is very rewarding in the end, but there is some pain to endure to get through it.

The Kilimanjaro Consulting team places a supreme focus on eliminating risk in your MYOB Advanced implementation. Over the years, we have witnessed numerous implementations from other partners that fell short, often prompting distressed companies to seek us out for a rescue, or rectification and completion operation. If you find yourself reading this page in search of assistance following an implementation setback, you have come to the right place. We have successfully navigated current MYOB Advanced users through those struggles as well.

Structured MYOB Advanced implementation methodology

The Kilimanjaro Consulting team follows a structured implementation methodology that informs everything we do. We adhere to this systematic process to ensure we incorporate our best practices while also accommodating your unique business requirements.

A good implementor will listen to your thoughts, concerns, and needs before applying business and technical knowledge so that a solution can be developed to thoroughly address the needs of your organisation. Your Partner should be transparent and eliminate any uncertainty so that you and your team are supported through the entire implementation process.

The Kilimanjaro Consulting MYOB Advanced implementation methodology has been crafted and honed from the experience of each of our consultants and past implementations. We are always on a journey of continual improvement of our processes. Our clients feel confident knowing that we follow a reliable and tested methodology and that they will be using the best platform to manage their organisation. It is a constantly improving system for reducing risk and improving efficiency. All the lessons learned, and experience gained from these implementations go into developing and refining our structured methodology. The reliable structure and documentation mean that every team member has visibility over where the implementation is up to, what has been completed, and what comes next – ensuring stability over the course of your implementation and consistently successful results.

By breaking the implementation project down into small components and focusing on the outcome, we establish a strong basis for performance evaluation and budget management. Each step in the MYOB methodology requires a discrete output and that output is evaluated in terms of its compliance to your specification. Our Lead Implementer or Project Manager will keep you informed with details such as project progress and budget and can recommend ways of managing the cost. We are also happy to make changes in scope, if required, and provide you with a revised budget for the new work.

An experienced MYOB Advanced implementation partner is key to your success

Kilimanjaro Consulting is proud to boast the largest team of experienced and skilled MYOB Advanced consultants across Australia and New Zealand. Our experience with MYOB Advanced traces right back to the software’s launch more than a decade ago. Our team works closely with Acumatica, the original developer of the engine that powers MYOB Advanced. The very first accredited MYOB Advanced consultant is a part of our team as well as the first ever winner of MYOB’s Consultant of the Year award. With a variety of different implementations from medium to large and complex organisations including MYOB themselves, we have the experience to guide you, your team, and your business through a successful implementation.

The size and diversity of our team lead to a wider skillset that covers: business analysis, software development, support, finance and accounting, transitions from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced, payroll and workforce management, projects, MYOB Advanced integration and customisation. Our people are our greatest asset. We have successfully implemented different ERP solutions across over 1500 client sites. Of these, about 300 are MYOB Advanced, consuming over 100,000 implementation hours across Australia and New Zealand.

We are experienced in implementing MYOB Advanced across a range of industries, such as:

The Implementation Partner of Choice for MYOB

When MYOB chose to implement their very own MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) solution in-house, they only had one consultancy in mind for the project – Kilimanjaro Consulting.  They needed maximum confidence in their implementing partner to get it right, success was simply critical.  Kilimanjaro’s senior MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) Team accepted the challenge, absorbing a mammoth brief, and set about delivering on this large project over 18 months.

Following the implementation of MYOB Advanced, MYOB experienced an 80% reduction in processing time for targeted workflows, a reduction of $100K per annum in superfluous software subscriptions and licence fees, a $600K per annum reduction in personnel and headcount, and a saving of thousands of hours of reporting time. MYOB’s Enterprise division has been able to continue its growth trajectory since the completion of the project. Kilimanjaro Consulting was right there beside them every step of the way through implementation. Our skilled implementation team was the best choice able to understand and meet their requirements and deliver a successful implementation.

Connecting MYOB Advanced with other solutions

Nowadays, businesses use a variety of different best-of-breed solutions to manage every aspect of their operation. The ability to integrate these systems is becoming increasingly important as we move towards a connected world. At some point, your organisation will reach a critical mass of satellite products. After this point, if they are not integrated properly then maintaining separate databases will compromise your efficiency. Well-integrated, they will give you full visibility across your organisation.

The Kilimanjaro Consulting team are experts in integrating MYOB Advanced with third-party applications and systems. We support and recommend a specific range of best-of-breed add-on products that are proven to improve efficiency.

Due to the nature of most ERP systems, a good implementation team will be equipped with accounting skills and knowledge. Our CFA, ACA, CA, and other accredited consultants will ensure your system is compliant and reconciled when you go live. We have the accounting skills to optimise your chart of accounts and subaccount structure and improve your team’s efficiency.

Lifetime #ClientFirst partnership for continuous improvement

Your system can last a decade or longer when implemented correctly. The average lifecycle of a Kilimanjaro Consulting client on an ERP system is 14 years  – we plan on being with you through that entire lifetime. Our #ClientFirst approach permeates every aspect of Kilimanjaro Consulting. It involves aligning our systems, processes, and teams with a single focus – delivering an exceptional experience for our clients. This approach goes beyond technical competency; it’s about forming meaningful connections, respecting clients’ unique needs, and consistently exceeding expectations.

Implementing a new ERP system is an opportunity to both identify and redesign your business processes. But what comes next? After the implementation, you will need a partner who is willing to guide you through upgrades and updates, MYOB Advanced support, and new integrations and customisations. Our MYOB Advanced implementation flows onto ongoing support and Business Process Improvement (BPI). We regard ourselves as farmers, not hunters and strive for absolute client satisfaction. The Kilimanjaro Consulting teams forge lifelong partnerships with our clients – we will always be there to guide you up the technology mountain.

MYOB Training and support to get the most out of your system

Kilimanjaro Consulting offers dedicated training as part of the implementation. We also offer on-demand, online training, and a dedicated support desk. Our goal is to help you become self-sufficient in MYOB Advanced and be confident in using the system when you go live.

MYOB Advanced is a continually developing, cloud-based system – you should strive to keep your skills up to date whenever possible. We are in constant communication through the journey of your system with software details, new features, and invitations to User Groups conferences where you can learn more about your evolving system.

Part of our lifetime partnership is providing dedicated MYOB support services for your MYOB Advanced site. We want to get you back to working in your system as quickly as possible. Some issues are quick to resolve and can be taken care of over the phone. Others require escalation and time to properly build out a solution. You can submit and track tickets and their progress in our MYOB Advanced Support Portal. Our priority is ensuring your system works perfectly when the ticket is closed. Whether the query is small or large, our team will always endeavour to provide the best solution.

Successful implementations across Australia and New Zealand

Kilimanjaro Consulting delivers services across Australia and New Zealand through local offices in Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Parramatta, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth. Having a local presence across so many different geographies gives us experience into a wider array of different businesses. We can blend this experience along with industry and local requirements to meet your unique needs.

Local software systems and local implementers provide several advantages to offshore vendors. All the idiosyncrasies of doing business in Australia and New Zealand will be familiar to you but not to overseas vendors. Their systems are not built to reflect the complexities that a local provider is more familiar with. MYOB Advanced has been specifically customised to meet the needs of Australian and New Zealand organisations.

MYOB Advanced Implementation FAQs

MYOB Advanced is a complex and fully featured business management platform. Naturally, this leads to many frequently asked questions.

Contact us to begin the implementation discovery process

As MYOB’s number one partner, we are the leading option for your implementation. We are the most awarded MYOB partner and were named as their first MYOB Diamond Partner in 2016 – an accolade we still hold today.

While MYOB themselves tackle smaller, simpler projects, we have a unique insight into how complex organisations can improve their profitability and efficiency with MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) and ERP cloud services. Our extensive experience in cloud ERP consulting and a combination of business, accounting, and IT skills places us in a powerful position to help improve your business through implementation.

You may not have done it before, but we have. Put your trust in the largest, most experienced MYOB implementation partner for your MYOB Advanced implementation – Kilimanjaro Consulting.

To start a conversation about how the MYOB Advanced platform can improve efficiency in your organisation, email, or call 1300 857 464 (AU) or 0800 436 774 (NZ).

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