Row-Level Security in MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced Tips and Tricks #3

MYOB Advanced (powered by Acumatica) is a cloud-based system you can access remotely, anytime, anywhere. With this comes the need for complex cybersecurity and permissions. Make sure your data is accessible but, most importantly, safe. Cloud security features such as 2FA (2-factor authentication) were rolled out recently and are now automatically part of the login system. Another important feature that is often overlooked or simply not recognised is Row-Level Security.

What is Row-Level Security in MYOB Advanced?

Row-level security allows users to control the visibility of certain data to certain users. It is an important step in managing fraud and helping your team maintain data security. It is an under-utilised feature of MYOB Advanced that can be used to apply more complex security policies using restriction groups. A restriction group is a set of entities of two or more types that you can define to either:

  • Restrict employees’ visibility of sensitive data within MYOB Advanced
  • Relate particular entities to each other to only use them together

Row-Level Security scenarios within MYOB Advanced:

Users and General Ledger accounts

With these restriction groups, sensitive General Ledger accounts can be made visible to a limited number of MYOB Advanced users. For example, Executive Salaries & Wages can be restricted to Senior Accountants or higher.

Users and subaccounts

Similar to groups that include users and General Ledger accounts, you can limit the visibility of sensitive subaccounts to the user. For example, MYOB Advanced users belonging to a particular state may be restricted to subaccounts that relate to that state only.

Users and vendor accounts

You can define these restriction groups to make particular vendors visible in the system to users who work with these vendors. For example, non-stock suppliers can be restricted to administration users.

Users and customer accounts

With these restriction groups, MYOB Advanced users can make particular customers visible to only employees who work with these customers. For example, high-value customers can be locked to account managers.

Users and GL budget articles

MYOB Advanced users can limit the visibility of sensitive budget articles so that only particular users can see and work with these articles. For example, budgets detailing executive-related data can be restricted to Senior Finance staff.

Users and warehouses

You can create restriction groups to display a particular warehouse (or set of warehouses) for only users who work with this warehouse (or this set of warehouses). For example, MYOB Advanced users at the Brisbane warehouse can be restricted to seeing their own warehouse only.

Users and inventory items

You can define these restriction groups to reduce the number of items in the lists with inventory items, depending on the particular user logged in to the system. For example, items designated as exclusive may be restricted to key MYOB Advanced users.

Users and projects

These restriction groups will configure the visibility of particular projects only to a responsible project team. For example, Commercial projects can be made available to the Commercial Projects team only.

Branches, General Ledger accounts, and users

This is a 3-way grouping, useful where multiple companies that are different in nature exist in the same tenant. General Ledger accounts can be restricted to a company for specific users. For example, a Trust company that will never sell stock can be locked from posting to Stock on Hand for all MYOB Advanced users.

Branches, subaccounts, and users

This is another 3-way grouping to restrict subaccounts to a company and user combination. For example, the external accountant may be restricted to posting to balance sheet accounts and certain expense/income accounts.

Branches and cash accounts

If there are multiple companies in your tenant, with these restriction groups, you can allow users in each company to work with only branch-specific cash accounts. For example, Cash Accounts for company B can be locked to prevent transactions in Company A from allocation.

General Ledger Accounts and Subaccounts

If you have subaccounts that MYOB Advanced users must use only with particular General Ledger accounts, by defining these restriction groups, you can set up lists of available subaccounts for each General Ledger account. For example, if subaccounts were created for each motor vehicle, these can be restricted to motor vehicles expenses.

If any of these Row-Level Security scenarios would benefit your businesses using MYOB Advanced, give Kilimanjaro Consulting a call. We can help you configure the correct features. If you would like some help in discussing the best set up to match your system and requirements, we can talk you through this and provide some trusted advice. Give us a call on 1300 857464 to discuss more.

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