MYOB Exo: Complex Stock Management

Use EXO Finance to get the most out of your stock management systems

Take advantage of MYOB Exo Finance’s powerful integrated stock control system to manage the flow of stock from customer order, to supplier, to warehouse and on to your customer.

With a clear view of your costs you can set prices with confidence, thanks to MYOB Exo Finance’s ability to:

  • Apply multiple customer pricing levels
  • Apply multiple supplier cost levels
  • Buy stock as items and distribute as packs
  • Buy stock in packs and distribute as items

MYOB Exo Finance’s stock database easily handles more complex stock variables, with the ability to:

  • Record cubic and weight information
  • Track stock by batch numbers
  • Track stock by serial numbers
  • Track stock by shipment

In fact, you can capture up to 24 other stock variables particular to your business.

MYOB Exo Finance also lets you manage the flow of stock efficiently and with confidence, with the ability to:

  • Create work orders and bills of materials (BOMs)
  • Order, receive and ship stock from multiple warehouse locations
  • Replenish stock manually, semi-automatically or automatically
  • Set minimum and maximum stock levels
  • A five-step stocktaking procedure takes the pain out of stock audits, while variance reports help you quickly identify and drill down to any issues.

For more information please have a read of the Stock Management Factsheet.

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